Tuesday, October 7, 2014

SCKLM Preparation

Another few more days to the final exam of my Project Sub4.
Last Thursday was the last SOS run for the Hanson’s Marathon program. When I first started with the 5:40min/km pace training, I struggled in most of the SOS workouts (long run, tempo and speed work). But after half way thru the program, I have no more issue to follow thru the pace and the distances in the program. The training gave very obvious result in the CICM 10k and other training run. I event did my first sub 2 in half marathon distance at Padang Merbok – Hartamas route in one of the Sunday training run.

Anyway, I was not able to follow thru 100% on this training program. I only clocked in an average of ~50km/week. I need to travel regularly for work hence the training mileages will be low on those times. I suffered two major down times from plantar fasciitis and a skin cut behind the ankle from a chafing of the new VFF. The PF tentatively caused by the very high intensity training and tight right calf. I am doing the stretching, strengthening exercises and massage the calves religiously every night before bed. The stretching helped lots to speed up the recovery between workouts, but some time the body still felt too tired and refused to go. From observation, my current life style can only support up to 70-80km/week, anything more than that, will need to bargain with the body or change my life style (at least go to bed earlier).

Even I wasn’t fully follow thru 100% on this training program, I still ran >150km at target marathon pace (compared to planned 190km). I will score my self 70% (with some score minus from Speed works and Long runs too). After all these tempo run, now I need to slightly hold back in all my easy run because it will slowly but surely sped up to 5:40min/km. It’s not about my capability to hold on to this pace now, but I have some concern on the burning rate and it may jeopardize the tapering effort. I think this is a good problem to have, it’s indicated that I still have room to improve, and may be looking for 330 in next training plan.

Not surprised that I am excited, and with the tapering period reduced the demand in running, the extra energy are all channeled into self doubt. I am fully aware that I had done all I can and when Sunday come, its time to harvest the efforts I put in so far. But some planning will be good to comfort myself. We have a new route this year, so the plan used for previous SCKLM will not be applicable. But I think I am well prepared, just need to put in few more mental check points during the race,
1. Start slower, hold back at the first 2km with 5:50-6:00min/km pace.
2. Maintain the rest of the miles with 5:36min/km pace.
3. If still got lots left in the tank when turn into Jalan Parliament (~37.5km), shift to higher gear and just run by heart.
4. Take one energy gel every 7-8km (not carrying water bottle in long distance race for the first time, will need to depend on water station location).
5. Stop by every water station for water (alternate isotonic with water after 20km).

Another huddle I may need to face is the GF910XT casing punctured and some moisture slipped into the unit. It’s still functioning until yesterday, but I am not very sure if it will fail me on Sunday. So, plan B will be stick to the 4 hours pacers team (whom properly going with 5.5-5.6min/km pace hopefully, Green Colour balloon).

Good luck if you racing this weekend too.
See you in the SCKLM starting line. 


  1. All the best in achieving your target at SCKLM Neoh! :)

  2. All the best my friend. I'm sure you'll be able to do it. I'll be rooting for ya!