Tuesday, September 6, 2011

ITBFS fixing in progress

I have to admit that I pushed too hard and too soon to minimalist. Shoes definitely play an important role on the running. The US size 9 NB905 definitely not a good fit to me, and I ran too much too soon in VFF before even build up my leg/feet strength. All these actual reduce the enjoyment of running, as the pain left from each run is greater than the fun. I guess I am still consider lucky to realized this only after 110km inside the VFF, before more damages done. So far, the worst injury is a tight left ITB. But actually I am not able to pin-point whether the shoes (VFF or NB905), or just simply over-trained had provoked the problem. The joyfulness running in VFF is still tempting and I will definitely working towards minimalist (will retire NB905 now), but I had a big challenge to handle right around the corner, my first marathon, River Jungle Marathon by end of the month. I need some solution to at least treat the ITBF syndrome to allow me to maintain the minimum training amount and complete the marathon later.

First, I took some time off from running. I rested from running for 4 days, with occasionally icing the ITB area. When I resume on the 5th day for a short run, the syndrome looks ease a bit but still persisted. Used the KT Tape, but may be due to my technique, the effect is limited. So I took the opportunity on Hari Raya for another straight 5 days off from running.

Second, I reverse back to running in supporting shoes. Got a Brooks Adrenaline GTS10 with RM215 (50% discount) but its support felt like the old NB1226. Will post the review on the shoes later. So far already made 4 runs (27km) in this shoe, and I felt great as it seem to not worsen the ITBFS.

Third, I apply ice to the ITB area right after each run. I also ice the ITB area at least one more time on daily basis. I also included some stretching on the ITB before and after each run. These actions had post a good result on the ITBFS.

Forth, I do some ITB stretching and strengthening exercise everyday. 2 methods suggested by runnersworld. Click the pictures for full articles link to runnersworld.

Like the title of this post, the fixing is still in progress. I am yet back to my full training plan, those workouts so far are reduced amount so that my body can slowly rebuild from the ITBFS. I am now fingers crossed and hope for the best.

It is stretching time now :)


  1. Good to hear that your injuries are on the mend :D My wife had the GTS 10 and she loved the shoes. I'm sure you'll find the GTS 10 to be pretty good too.

  2. Nick, yes, the GTS10 is a great shoes. It is a great help on my recovery plan too. :D

  3. Hi Neoh,
    I had ITB Syndrome before so I know how it feels. I think the key is to do warm up and cool down before each run. And on top of that the stretching exercises and sometimes icing too after the run. But one point that I would like to point out is that: I notice that you have River Jungle and Putrajaya coming up. I think that would not be a good idea because you don't want to over-exert the ITB. If at all possible cut down on one of the FM. Don't overdo it as you are in it for the long run. Better just rest the legs and get better before planning on more runs.

  4. Hi Francis,
    Thanks for the suggestion. In fact the ITB issue is ease a lots since I put more stretching before and after each run. I understand its not a good time to have a Marathon right now, but I would like to give it a try on coming Sunday (as no pressure on the timing). For the Putrajaya... lets see... :D