Thursday, March 21, 2013

Barefoot Running Clinic & Fun Run

Another event after the series of barefoot running clinics since end of last year. The invited speakers are Mr Tan Wah Sing and Mr Ng Seow Kong. Come get your first hand information and barefooting guide from the pro.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Brooks Half Marathon Race Report

Very long overdue race report…
This supposes to be my first barefoot half marathon, but last minutes decided to pull out and put on my VFF, as I really lack of training since Jan 2013 (only 30k mileages in the whole month). Knowing the route will be very challenging, I played safe with a target just to complete the race in 7 min pace.

Arrived the venue by 5am, saw the crowd I knew this is definitely not a PB race but the 7 min pace plan is doable. Did the usual routine (warm up, use toilet, and walking around), met lots of familiar faces and took a photo with Lina before the race flagged off. The flag off is uneventful, and the crowd were moving! It took me close to 5 minutes to cross the starting line. Started with slow jogging and met some more friends. I didn’t push at all, only kept my pace at steady rhythm, not stopping at most of the water stations. Maintaining my cadences on climb and focusing on dodging people most of the time :P
Before flag off with Lina
The route changed this year. We starting from outside of the stadium, went into Happy Garden first before the usual 10k route from TPM highway into Seremban highway, and finish outside the stadium. From the official result document, the half marathoners who completed the race are about 4500, but the route definitely not wide enough for 4500 runners. Timing mats, ribbons check point, water stations are not able to cope with the 4500 runners. The situation getting worst when we merge with 10km runners after IMU. People just walking and blocking others who is still running. Runners (or walkers) literary just flooded their way to TPM highway, and everyone running at risk with traffic. After the 21km, the finishing outside the stadium is just another anticlimax.
Almost finish...
The mini trophy that draw the crowd...
2 weeks after the race, all I can remember are dodging people and talking to some friends along the way, especially with Nick. The talking part is very useful to keep my self on track and stick to the planned 7 min pace. I felt great with this speed and will have more long run in 7 min pace as it is also my target marathon pace to finish by 5 hours.
My next race will be volunteering in Malaysia Woman Marathon in 7 April. Together with the BWM running group, we will run a water station in barefoot :P Come to support our fellow ladies runners in iCity, Shah Alam. It is not too late to sign up if you wish to challenge yourself.Click here to find out more.
My next Marathon will be in Langkawi. I am not even able to dream of finishing sub-5 there. I will take this as another long run during my vacation. Then, I should be ready to challenge the 5 hours target again in SCKLM.