Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Preparation for SCKLM

This will be my first Full Marathon in KL city, also my 5th Marathon. Last year I did my first half marathon in the 2011 SCKLM, the experience running around KL city is definitely something you can’t find from other races. Compare to SCMS, this event is less crowded, and you are really traveled 75% of the KL city on foot by the FM route. I signed up for FM almost immediately when the registration is opened. And I planned to challenge a sub-5 FM in this event. That’s target stayed unchanged so far, but I am not too sure if I manage to handle it now.
Like what I wrote before, I followed the SmartCoach training plan from RunnersWorld. But I can’t follow thru, the plan went out the window right after PJ Dawn. And the training mileages decreased drastically after March. May be due to family commitment, workload or just plain over-trained, I felt tired after pushed over 220km in March. And I slow down when I supposed to push harder in April & May. Further more, I was sick for the pass few weeks and body is yet to recovered fully from it. From the result in ENR2012, tentatively I will not sub-5 in SCKLM. The body is yet to back in condition after the long 2 weeks break from running. Anyway, the tuning of the body these few days went well. There will be another 2 runs for this purpose before I rest for tapering.

So what is the game plan? Plan A is simple. There will be pacers in this race. So I will stick with the 5 hours pacers and stay on the course as long as possible. Is it weird that I need a pacer when I run with GF910XT? Nope, running alongside with some one will definitely give you the push factor to out perform yourself. Even if the pacer run with difference strategy that may ruin your own pace, but you will still benefit by knowing that someone is aiming on the similar finishing time with you, and he/she is still insight :P  I plan to run at consistence 7 minutes pace from start till end. Hopefully one of the 5 hours pacers is using the similar strategy. Plan B? Whenever I ran out of fuel, I will fall back to the 5:30hours pacers.

It may be utterly optimistic for me to hope for a BP in my current condition, but if you are not trying, you will never know. I think I didn’t push enough in my passed marathons, and the dominant factor is all about the mind. My best is yet to happen as I am not really wanted it. This round, all I need to do is totally commit myself to the target, and the rest will follow.

Btw, some runners initiated a side track on Facebook. I will run with this special bib on my back. Click the link to find out more.

See you this Sunday 24 June, in Dataran Merdeka.


  1. Running with a target and making a statement. SCKLM will be a meaningful one for you! :)

    All the best Neoh!

    1. Sure we will definitely enjoy the race :)
      Good luck to you too.

  2. Seeing as how this is my first marathon, I'm not so pressured to perform. I'm just aiming for an enjoyable time and to just cross that finish in one piece :D I'll use this as a bench mark for improving on my future marathons :D

    All the best and see you on Sunday!

    1. Good to take it easy and no pressure :)
      Good luck and see you at the starting line and finish line.