Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Barefoot Running Part III: Training with Group

I do my routine training alone. It’s sure a lonely journey but that may be the solitary that some of us seeking for in running. But training can be difference when you run with a group of people with similar interest. You can look, mimic, learn and discuss with some experienced runners. You can try out new things, getting instance feedback from the experienced runners, and making adjustment immediately. Its extremely helpful when you trying to pick up the new running style/gait that is very difference from the shod running.

Paul, Rich and CP Tan started the Facebook group call Bare-With-Me. They are experienced barefoot runners who are really keen to share and willing to take the lead to organize some activities to keep the momentums going. The group established for some time but only recently we are kicking in more group activities like running clinics, group running, group t-shirt and trail running.

I so far joined few of the running clinics and group running, it was fun filled event and really learned a lots from these sifu. Attending these events also keep the motivation going, and it will make your transition period more fun. Come join us in FB and follow the event created.
After the Group Running & T-shirt Launching
After the Group Running & T-shirt Launching, the usual barefoot kaki post
Enjoying the group running around KL Bird Park

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