Monday, March 10, 2014

Mood Recovery

Last weekend was tough! The hazy and hot weather is bad enough but it just getting worst over the weekend.

It started from Friday evening, with DSAI case. Then after my hazy Saturday morning run, I got the news of missing MH370. The mood just dip into the bottom. Come Sunday morning, it was just too hazy to run (API > 100). I was terrified with these 2 unidentified persons boarded with stolen passports. I will be flying to lots of places this year! Lucky I got another novel at home for my consumption, else my family will sure suffered from my bad mood.

Anyway, did a short & quick run this morning. It helps to stabilized the mood. But I need more than stabilizer on a Monday! Hence I plugged my earphone to my mobile, play the "Spirit of the Marathon" over the phone, just listen to it when I am working. The movie was fantastic, I watched it many times so I don't need the video. The music, the conversation, the noise over the race field, the foot steps, the starting horn, the progress reported over the Chicago Marathon, kept me calm, and slowly pull me up into positive side. I think this is the benefit of having some highly energy good/positive addiction. The issues happened over the weekend still disturbing me, but I felt I got more energy to deal with it now (at least emotionally).

Have a good week ahead, keep running and keep smiling!