Friday, May 2, 2014

My VFF Komodo Sport

My collection of VFF Komodo Sport
I owned 3 pairs of VFF Komodo Sport. The first one is the earlier version (yellow colour) and the other 2 of them are the current version (sliver colour). Loved this model and completed countless miles with them.

I got the yellow unit in July 2011, and it retired after my first marathon in a VFF during April 2012 Energizer Night Marathon. If I remembered correctly, I made a hole at the right outsole after 700km on them, and the total mileages logged with this pair was less than 1000km. I got a replacement, and this was the pair that takes me thru the rest of the 2012 and the whole of 2013. I stayed with this only pair until around August 2013. Only after the higher training mileage and intensity at this stage causes the shoes to be wet by sweat and I started to use the 3rd pair as a back up or racing shoes. This time, a hole formed on its left outsole after SCKLM last year. But I still run in it regularly, only retired recently as my index finger can now get thru the hole. Hence the second pair of VFF logged way more than 2000km. Less than RM0.20 per km, definitely value for money!
Hole on the right sole
Hole on the left sole
After I gave it a final wash, I realized that I can still running in them by combining each side which is still good! You will now see me running in Yellow + Silver VFF Komodo Sport, at least for the next 2 coming race in Kuala Kangsar and Ipoh.
Happy mix!
More mileages!
I got another pair of VFF Sprint last November but it still in the box. May be is time to break them in cause the training is getting tougher now and I will sweat the shoes almost right after each run. Another pair of spare shoes will give time for me to clean them before use. And may be is time to get another pair of VFF Komodo Sport whenever its sale.

Since I ran, I spent 1.5 years in conventional type of running shoes (NB1226, NB905, MR00, GTS10), and after that all running done with VFF Komodo Sport (with some very small percentage of barefoot mileages). I think I changed my running style/gaits lots, from heavy heel striker to light forefoot striker. Even when I running with VFF, my running gaits still improved progressively. That’s the reason why my VFF can last longer now. Btw, I think I really need to find out why the left foot now is heavier compared to the right one.

What about barefoot running? It’s taken a back seat now as I am chasing my sub-4 speed with aggressive training plan and pace. The understanding on how one can run in barefoot safely is definitely helping my running gaits. I belief the day will come when I ran completely barefoot, but now I need the gloves on my feet to protect the foot sole.

Run safe! Run happy!


  1. That's a lot of mileage for each pair! Wow! Sure good value.

    If people see you with different colour shoe on each leg, they may think it's the current fashion. LOL

    All the best for KK Run next week. :)

    1. I do hope that the combined pair can last for another SCKLM (but that will be another ~1000km on them, too good to be true) :P