Monday, February 9, 2015

Training report: Long Slow Distance and training week 5

Compared to usual training program to have the Long Slow Distance during the weekend, the Hanson Marathon Method used a Long run for the weekend. The long run improves the anaerobic threshold by running slightly slower than your target marathon pace. I haven’t done any LSD since I started with the Hanson Marathon Method. With the higher target set now (68km race), I think I need some of these extra-long distance training. I am glad that MURA organized this as one of the Titi race practice for those participated in Titi50, 100 or 200. Some adjustment needed to include the LSD, I moved the long run to Saturday, and planned only sightseeing pace for the LSD.

Overall, the training week went well. The speed work at 5min/km pace is very manageable, the body is getting back its movement for the 5:40min/km target pace. Some fine tuning still needed to make sure I didn’t drifted to faster pace (in the early stage of the race) or slower pace (towards the end stage of the race). The Saturday long run plus Sunday LSD gave the best opportunity to test out how the body responded at the end stage of the race. As the weekly mileage went above 80km, the body should give me some similar response that I will get at the final 5km of a full marathon. So, my plan for the LSD was simple. Goes by sightseeing pace, and try to push at the final stage to see how far I can go.
The LSD started at 5:45am, the cold breeze, clear sky with sufficient moonlight bring back the great memory of the Titi50 2014. I actually ran up the Bukit Hantu (slow pace around 8-9min/km over the climb), but again ran with the similar speed descending. The route is very familiar and I got Fong ran with me most of the time. Chitchatted and exchanged some running info, we reached the u-turn point at the CP2. Waited a while for the rest, took a group photo and we heading back to the restaurant. Most of the time we maintained a comfortable 6.5-7min/km pace, and we decided to walk up to Bukit Hantu this time. At the peak, we slowly restart the engine to run. But my descending pace was really slow and I had to ask Fong to go ahead. Finally, the route is almost flat and I decided I needed some training on descending. I ramped up the engine and up my pace. The final 5km was done in 5:40-5:50min/km pace. I think I overcome by paradigm of slow descending, but more similar training needed. And the body responded very well on the push, which gave me lots of confident to chase my speed on the coming race. 
Easy 9.7km

Speed 5x 1000m
Speed 5x 1000m
All repeats paced around 5min/km

Tempo 9.7km
Only 8km in tempo pace
Easy 11.3km

Easy 9.7km
Long ran pace @ 6.1min/km
Long 16.1km
LSD @ Hulu Langat 29km
Total Done

The right ankle seems to be ok now. Only minor swollen after some hard training and its survived the 29km LSD without getting worst. I shifted my treatment from weekend to Tuesday after work. It suits my rest time in my training plan. I felt great and optimistic on archiving my sub-4 target in coming Seoul International Marathon. The only huddle now was the food for Chinese New Year J

Next week, CNY week, but training must go on. Some running will be done in Ipoh. 33 days until the big day and I am excited.


  1. I'm sure you'll be able to pull off that Sub 4 in Seoul. Just keep it steady throughout. All the best, Neoh.

  2. All the best Neoh!

    Can sure feel your excitement. :)