Monday, January 31, 2011

Why? Running!?

There are many reasons behind my beginning of running continuously.

First, to refresh back a healthy life style.
2007~2009 have lots of obstructions, made my life miserable and I am no longer have the passion to moving on my job, my family & even my self. I had reduced to solely lean on the pleasure to sustain my routine. Tried on bowling, but as I am obviously have no talent on it, it didn’t help. I desperately need some reason to be proud of myself.

Some how, God will open the window when all the doors are shut. In the early 2010, I got carried on and won the company’s Excellent Awards. This entitled me to attend the Regional Excellent Awards held in Kota Kinabalu. My colleague who jointly receive the awards (she is the main contributor to the event, which lead to winning the award) suggest that we take the opportunity to climb Mount Kinabalu! I want thru the internet and found lots of data, and knowing for my physical condition, it’s a tough job. But I like the idea!

So, I started my training on jogging the playground nearby. I used to run in that jogging path at that playground when we first moved in to this area. I still remember I can only complete 2 laps (~630m per lap), but now I can only complete 1 lap. Then all I can do is walking slowly, and puffing with heavy breath. I really wonder where all my stamina vanished to. But slowly, I increase my training from once a week to three times a week. Mean time, I also increasing my duration from few minutes to like 10 minutes (which is about 2+ laps).

Btw, as the event in KK is held on April, I don’t have enough time to prepare myself, and later my partner scrapped the idea of climb Mount Kinabalu too. As I am preparing myself, I am still more like nurture about this sport. But I know I put in some effort there so I am looking for opportunity to use these efforts.

Then, I saw the banner on MPSJ 10km run in April (but later postponed to June), I signed up without second thought! Only until later I found out how I am challenging myself with a very stretching target.


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