Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why? Running!? (2)

Second, to put my growing weight/waist under control.

When I looked back to my secondary school and even university’s photos (1st from Left), it’s hard to belief that slim looking fellow and the current 78kg fat guy is the same person. My weight had grown from 65kg to 78kg in 10 years time and together my waist size grown from 27in to 34in. The feeling is really bad to watch the retreating of the waist belt buckle hole by hole, and now, I finally reached the last one on my good old belt.

Guess the good and relaxing life after marriage made, plus the good cooking of my wife put in lots of stress on my waist. I have 2 choices now,
1. Surrender to my weight and just buy a new waist belt and let it be,
2. Do something on my weight so the waist stops growing.
My ego only allowed me to go for option 2 :)

The plan of climbing Mount Kinabalu is pushing me to start workout. I planned to purchase a new exercise bike so I can exercise in door and make sure the workout didn’t obstruct by the weather (I had some perception that whenever I wanted to jogging previously, it’s always rain). Btw, after checking on the price tag, I pull back. Lucky my relative have one old unit and I quickly help her to clear the old junk back to my place. I happily plan and stick to my workout plan (3x a week, 30minutes each, what a lazy plan, what crossed my mind that time? These amount of workout obviously not enough for Mount Kinabalu). The plan was fine and followed through until later when I found out how boring it can be to cycle alone in door.

On some evening with good weather, I start to lace up my shoe and running in the park. But I am too lazy that time, only run once or twice a week for 1 or 2 laps then walked lots. And with this litter amount preparation, I took part in the MPSJ 10K in June.

It was a nice and peaceful Sunday morning, and I am wondering why myself hanging around in Padang MPSJ 6:30am. I don’t know what to do as this is my first ever official race. I got my bib number pinned on my T-shirt and start to stretch a bit on the side of the racing track. Some promoters walked around with some free sample of Breath Right, and I tried one. It’s very effective to make sure I had sufficient oxygen supplied (this is important as I am not really prepared for the 10K).

My plan is to run on all the down slopes and walk all the way on the up slopes. We flagged off at around 7:20am by MB Selangor (first time I saw him out from Media :P ). Anyway, my plan worked out just find. I completed the race in about 1:45 hours, almost the last few who completed the race. I am really happy when I crossing the finish line, although I feel really miserable through out the race. Queued very long queue to collect the certificate and goodies bag. Only after few hours later in the afternoon, I start feeling the pain and tiredness. SMS my boss to apply emergency leave on the next day. And from this emergency leave, the trail of my running went out of control…


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