Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Polar FT4

This is a basic unit HRM from Polar.
I got it from Fitness First (Sunway Pyramid) for RM365 without any discount (my problem, always urge to buy something when there is not the season of sale).

Simple black color box, come with
- Wrist Watch (the so called “training computer”)
- Chest strap with a transmitter
- User guide

It does simple jobs to records your training data (hearth rate, average/max, total time and total calories) on each workout sessions. It also monitors the hearth rate to your predetermined training zone and gives you an audible alarm when your hearth rate falls out the zone.

I have to admitted that my motivation to continue running, initially come from this unit. You will feel the satisfaction every time you completed a workout session and checking the detail on this watch. And I also able to see how incapable I am for running, the hearth rate go up and down very fast with just very short running distances (which are definitely a no good syndromes on fitness). Knowing that the watch can only keep the past 10 workout sessions, I even chart the detail up on my Excel.

After a few weeks of running, my hearth rates start to get stable. And I am now able to sustain it at certain level during my workout session. So, I belief the advise of “monitor your hearth rate during your workout to achieve maximum benefit towards your target” is actually needed some training. You will need to have some basic endurance to achieve the stable hearth rate during exercise, unless you are only doing it for the weight management zone.

Now days, I only use it to monitor the timing, and served as a precaution on the maximum hearth rate. Also, some time when I check out the hearth rate to stop my excuses to slow down. “It’s only 158 BPM, you can do better/harder than this.” Btw, this may be due to my running sessions are more planned distances (normally I runs at fixed courses). On the other hand, running on fixed course with the hearth rate monitor, you will know your body better. If the run normally cost you at 160BPM, but now its shown 170BPM, your body is complaining. I normally get those complains if I have no enough sleep or feeling like about to fall into sick.

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