Thursday, June 9, 2011

Addiction to the Race & Running

Lately, I found some extra enjoyment on my running. I really love and addicted to the sport and can’t wait to have it more. I do my routine training in my neighborhood, and frankly speaking it’s a very routine and not really excited route. I ran the 1km stretch beside the main road to-and-fro for the weekdays’ 7~10km workouts. It’s had not much difference with hamstringing in the 400m oval track in Complex Sukan MPSJ, but I am starting to enjoy it more as I pushed myself out of the bed on 5am to start my workout on 5:30am. The usual demon still within me, its voice is getting weaker nowadays.

As of today, I already logged in 70km for June. I think this will be the month that I break my 200km/month mark. Looking at the mileage, I belief that I will finish my half marathon without any major issue. I don’t think I should be too concern about the speed and finishing time. As of now, I wish to enjoy every single run and race. My race schedule for July is almost filled up every weekend (the only weekend without a race is because of my birthday!), I am like the bear which preparing it self for hibernating prior to the winter. Yes, the racing winter in Malaysia will start in the Fasting Month. I am sure that I will be still running around (BA, Lake Garden, Double Hills, etc.) in August, and I am eyeing for some race which can bring my spring in September.

The Long Slow Distant by PACM on 11/9 will sure on my list, and now, this look extremely tempting…

Click me for more info :)

It’s a fun and small run (organizer emphasized, “This is not a race”) with very scenic but very challenging course. The best part, it has only one category, 42.195km.

Am I ready by then? Possible, if I reach 200km on my book this month and next month… hmmmm… tempting...

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