Monday, June 13, 2011

Bukit Kledang, Menglembu Perak

This is a famous trekking place for those live around Ipoh. Beside the jungle trek, it also has the single lane road heading to the peak of the hill used by RTM and Telecom (TM) for their transmission towers. During my active time (teenager, like 20 years ago) we only have 3 ways up, the road, the steep trek on the side of the hill (lead to 4-2, I have no idea how this number coming from, but if you ask people on the trek/road on Bukit Kledang, everyone will show you the same place), and the river/jungle trek. Most challenging path will be the river/jungle trek, and most of the people will take the road. But both treks are shorter, only the road will lead you to the peak of the hill.

For the pass 30+ years I lived in Menglembu, I never peaked this hill. Many reasons, mainly, I had no stamina that time and had no time and not spending any effort to train it. The most, I reached 4-9 location, and never advanced an inch from there. After I start my active running, the Sunday morning when I am in Ipoh I will be either spent in Polo Ground or Bukit Kledang. I am able to run more, but still never reached the peak of the hill. Either I am started too late or get too tired to continue (not enough determination). But this round, I am prepared.

I packed my usual running gear and NB905 for the weekend trip back to Ipoh. NB1226 with higher heel cushion is actually not good for down-hilling. Weak up on 5am, completed my business and off to the hill. Reach the parking and surprised myself, it was so dark and the usual parking with full of cars, now only got my car. I thought people in small town usually started way early, but 5:45am may be is too early for Menglembu nowadays. So I moved my car to nearby housing area (and also the starting point for the steep trek), and planned to cover some extra distant. No issue from the nearby housing area to the hill side, just another early morning road side jogging. But once reach the hill side, I regretted. I should bring along the head lamp I got from Energizer race. I only ran with some shaded light from other people who hiking with touch light. After passed few of them, I ran in complete darkness. I can’t even see the road surface! The little devil in me took the chance, I stop running after 2.5km and start walking/hiking, it only 1/4 way to the top!

Station Kledang Bawah
Slowly, the visibility improved, and I managed to run a bit from time to time but the driving force is no longer there. I didn’t push myself. My hearth rate maintained at aerobic zone, I ran only when it dropped below the zone. The only force to keep me moving is the plan to peak the hill. Kept going and finally reached the peak on 1.5 hours. There are 2 main groups of transmission towers, Kledang Bawah (located at 716m elevation) and Kledang Atas (actually I forgot the name of this 2nd group, at 790m elevation). So, after you see the road junction to Kledang Bawah, you still need to hike another 10 minutes to the real peak.
Station Kledang Atas (sorry forgot the name)

Newly built station at Peak
On my way up, I met some people heading down hill, guess I am actually started not too early. On my way down, I met few uncles jogging up! It’s a very tough challenge to face the 730m elevation gain and running to the peak. I am still having some problem on the down hill. I tend to uses heavy steps. This time, I kept my strikes length short, I ran downhill like a bouncy rabbit in the battery advertisement. My calf and the quadriceps felt more impact and there are still aching until now. Return home with happy and fulfilled heart. Next time, run to the peak!

This plan is actually part of self assessment on my readiness on The River Jungle Marathon. It’s shown that I am not really ready to fight the devil in my heart on this 8km hill climb! But what the heck why not give it a try! As long as I reached my planned training mileages of 200km this month, I will proceed to sign up! See you there!


  1. I've never gone for a jungle trek before, must try it one day :D Happy Feet

  2. Nick: with the surrounding area development, its no longer a jungle trek @ Bukit Kledang :P