Monday, July 25, 2011

Putrajaya Night Marathon 2011

It must be the Monday blue / blur and some adrenaline left from yesterday Seremban Half Marathon, I found myself signed up for Full Marathon instead of the half marathon as planned.

I shouldn’t go for FM. It’s just 3 weeks after my first marathon (River Jungle Marathon), and I am not too sure if I had fully recovered from it. Also the race start at 8pm and definitely I will not able to complete it before mid night. After the event, instead of driving back home, I think I will be much safer just bring along my sleeping bag to overnight at the Putrajaya City Hall.

Anyway, for all the reason that I shouldn’t have signed up for FM, I had only one reason for me to sign up another FM: I love the sport. I think this is good enough to drive me to overcome all the obstacles ahead.

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