Monday, July 18, 2011


I had ran 2 half marathons with my NB905, and the base of the shoes look really weary. The outer-sole on the mid foot session are almost totally gone (but the heel section still good, indicate I am mostly on my mid foot strike now), and white colored mid-sole are pressed to almost flat too. May be the mileages I put into it is very high (counted around 400km so far), or the material is not design for long lasting (as it is between a trainer and a racer, guess the light weight do took away some of its endurance to wear-and-tear). I also have some other concern on NB905, look like it causing a problem to my right ankle. Both half marathons I ran ended up with a painful and slightly swollen right ankle. First I thought it was due to pampering gait as my left toes blister, but when I reflect back to my first few LSD from BA-Sri Hartamas (20~21km) in NB1226, I have no issue on the ankle even with similar blister problem. The ankle problem may be a result of the NB905. On the other hand, as I change my gait to more forefeet strike, I think my feet size grew and my slightly bigger right foot no longer suits the size 8 NB1226, hence I retired it. So it is again time to look for another pair of running shoe, at least to compare the impact with NB905.

It was my preference to slowly switching from thick shoes to minimum shoe. I got those poison from Christopher McDougall best selling book, and I really like the idea of building up the strength of my leg/feet instead of relaying on those cushioning. So, first thing come across my mind is the NB Minimus series. Checked with few NB boutique but the sale have no idea when will it arrive in Malaysia. When I shop around, I saw the Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove selling at StudioR for RM369. Also Vibram FiveFingers had finally appointed their official retail in Malaysia (via Singapore distributor). They are selling at RM469 (VFF KomodoSport) at 1Utama (yet to check out the outlet at Bangsar) without discount. Then I remember I got the news of Running Lab will soon open in Trapicana CityMall (officially open on 15 July), and they carry the VFF too.

Reached Running Lab on their 1st day of business. They are still busy with the display rack as the apparels session not completed. Saw the VFF and they are listing the same price as RM469, but they have an opening offer of 20%. No need to think twice, I proceed to try the KomodoSport and brought a size 41 (I total forgot about my slightly bigger right foot). When I reached home and took them out for another round of “detailed” fitting, ops, the right foot is slightly tight on my 2nd toe (it is the longest amongst the toes). I called and returned to the shop and Frank is really helpful and helping me to change to size 42 (I am sorry Frank, I caused extra problem to your busy opening day).

I wear it for my Friday night shopping and movie with family, it is to let your feet get used to the VFF configuration. Then I did the first run inside the VFF on Saturday morning for about 6km. It was an amazing experience when running in VFF. The instance feedbacks from the feet keep you aware on the gait and keep your strides short. After the 6km trial, surprisingly my leg didn’t hurt! I am expecting some sore on my calf and may be on my ankle too, but none of this surfaced! Decided to run extra on Sunday. The calf actually felt tired at about 7km, and I pushed on and changing the running terrain from straight road to jogging track at playground. Happy to complete the 10km in VFF, but now the soreness in calf is the worst I ever experienced. Need to think twice now if I still want to use the VFF for the coming Sunday Seremban Half Marathon.

I am not sure whether I can make a conclusion to relate my ankle pain to NB905. As I used the NB905 for another short run on last week, I can still feel the pain on my ankle started at about 2km. In VFF, I don’t have the ankle problem for the pass two runs. May be I should reconfirm this by mixing up both NB905 and VFF for this week training, and may be using the NB905 for the Seremban Half Marathon and the Shape & Men’s Health Night Run next week. No matter how, the whole fasting month (August) will be used to strengthen my feet & leg muscles to run in VFF, and training for my first marathon. Hopefully, I will be ready to run the marathon in VFF on end of September.

*Photos are taken with VFF size 41 before I exchanged it to size 42.

Update (19/7/11):
Ran in NB905 this morning for 5km, the usual ankle pain is not there after 3~4km. Guess it was only my weak ankle causing the pain in thick shoes. Need more strengthening workout on them.


  1. Nice looking shoes :D Take the transition in those shoes slow and easy.

    I've been considering switching to minimalist but after some professional advise, decided to stick to a more cushioned shoes for my old injury prone legs :D

    Happy running.

  2. Nick, Thanks! I will be very careful on the transition. So far I am really happy with the pain/soreness on my muscles. It shows that those dormant muscles are now starting to move. When I recovered from the pain, I know that my leg will be stronger :D