Friday, October 7, 2011

Further Thought about Running & Marathon

It has been an eventful year which filled with joy, excitement, and lots of sweats. I am into running for more than a year now! This year I had ran 1300km and expecting more until end of the year. I tried varies distances races with 7k, 10k, 14k, 15k, 21k and 42k, which I will not be able to imagine myself doing just few years ago.

Running is a great tool for meditation; all you faced is you alone, through out the runs. In that nature, lots of important lessons can be learned via running, one of them is Focus. With Focus, your limitation will be reset to a level that beyond your imagination. All you need to do is focus to get yourself to find the door and you will be accessible to this hidden treasure of yours. Focus to your next step, and soon you will reach your destination. Beside this, I am enjoying the common improvement (better endurance, health, weight loss, emotional control, happier & etc.) and suffering some pains (arching calves, knees pain, tiredness after long runs, energized only during running, & etc.), that almost all runners entitled.

I confirmed that naive belief of mine: if you can break down the distances and completed them in a week, you will have no problem to handle the distances in the race day. But I am too weary in RJM to confirm the opinion about the half marathon. Further more, I didn’t push that hard in the RJM. Think I will need more exposure to marathon distances before I can conclude that.
Next week will be my second marathon, Putrajaya Night Marathon. I didn’t do any extra prepare for this marathon but only carry out the routine as planned. Hope to put in one last 30~35km long run on this Sunday before I tune down the training for some rest. Target completion time will be below 6 hours & 8.5 min/km pace. Btw, I may have some problem to maintain my pace without the GF405CX. I will use the HRM as the main reference with the timer to calculate my pace from the distance markers. My running will be within my aerobic zone (130~148 BPM).

See you next Saturday night in Putrajaya.


  1. Hi Neoh,
    Maybe 30-35km LSD will be too much just a week before your PNM. R u doing the full for PNM? If so, I suggest u taper and try not to do too much this weekend. It can be detrimental to your existing condition i.e. ITB Syndrome...Just a word of caution.

  2. Hi Francis,
    Thanks for the advise, I will reduce it to about 20km then.

  3. I haven't done an FM before so I can't even offer any advise but heck, go out there and have fun :D See you there.

  4. Hi Nick,
    Sure I will enjoy it. With the RJM experience, I guess the PNM will be a much enjoyable event. And I should start to love the distance :P