Thursday, October 27, 2011

Preparation for PJ Half Marathon

The PJ Half Marathon will be in this weekend. To me, its biggest selling point will be having a chance to run on the dreaded (at least on working day rush hours) Federal Highway. Btw, I don’t think it will be a total road closure like the Adidas KOTR. So, we will need to deal with some traffic. Hope the organizer at least blocks up a lane for runners and perform traffic control on all the junctions.

My target will be to sub-2 hours in this HM. A 5.5min pace will grant me this sub-2 result but I don’t have the GF405CX to get instant feedback. So I plan to use the water station location, which located every 4km. I will have 22 minutes from one water station to another. I can also roughly depend on the HRM. Tentatively the hearth rate will climb and stabilize at 155~165BPM. It will be sign to slow down whenever it touches 165BPM.

October has been a very good training month for me. I clocked so far 199km this month, and sure will break into 220km per month after the PJ HM. This is definitely a good preparation for the coming Singapore Marathon, and I will slow down the amount of training after 7 Nov. Got some family event committed. It’s also time to start reducing the rate so that body starts to recover and back to best condition before the SCMS. Now, there are still 3 races (PJ Half, PBIM Half, and Nike 10k) between me with the SCMS. All these races will be serving as speed works for the marathon training. Training plan for the pass two weeks were adhered 100% in term of mileages. I will sure challenge the sub-6 hours Marathon finishing in Singapore. This round, there will be no alternative game plan. For SCMS, the game plan is fixed, run at 8min pace, adjustment only come if I am still ON after 35km. Simple and workable plan :)

See you on the PJ Half starting line this Sunday morning.


  1. I'm sure you'll make the sub 2 for the PJ half :D

    No, they won't close the roads. It's been like that since 22 years ago when I took part in my first PJ half. We have to make do with partial traffic.

  2. I'm with Nick.

    With all your training planned out thoroughly, you'll sure have no problem for a sub-2 at PJ Half Marathon and sub-6 at SCMS.

    All the best Sunday! :)

  3. Hi Nick & Lina, thanks!
    Sub-2 or not it will still depend on that morning, but I will definitely enjoy this race.

    Btw, looked at the 10k route, the organizer only place a water station at 4k & sponge station at 5k marks. It will be very tough for them. Hope the participants had realized this and bring their own bottle.