Monday, August 13, 2012

Restarting Engine

Running had been one of the essential parts of my life since Sept 2010. As I peak my training mileages in March this year, it seems to be some over-trained effect posted on me. I find it hard to head right out the door eventhough I am still waking up on 4:30am. I normally dragged myself until 5:30~5:45am so that I only had enough time for 4~7km. The impact is clearly shown on the monthly running log. I am not really good at self reflection, so it took some time for me to make up my own story about this. The 11 days of grounding period that without running at all really helps.
Two main points (which there are not really stand alone) to summarize this,
1. Running is not solely for enjoyment anymore.
2. Sense of achievement some time can be too heavy to bear.

It is good to have a training plan and adhere to it to achieve a preset goal. It is embedded on my personality that I will normally felt depression after a big event, especially there are nothing else will be happen in the near future. Like we usually joked about the incline in a route, every ascent will be follow by a descent. The achievement is great, but we will later need to endure the down side of the story. Sadly, running which give big sense of achievement fall nicely into this model.

In other term, as long as I trained enough and did it right on the race day, the sub-5 marathon goal is really achievable for me. But I think I am too afraid to ask myself, what’s next? I am happy if I am running a 4 hours plus marathon, but I think I will need to put in many more effort if I wish to improve further, and it may tentatively take away the fun part from this activity. Eventually, I will hit my best and how should I handle that situation?

I wish I could have the answer to myself, but I don’t, at least for now. I am still running because I signed up some races and I still enjoy reading my fellow runners’ blogs FB posts. I am trying out some new thoughts and ways to handle the feeling. Isn’t that life always is? I am consider lucky that I am still understand my own feeling and able to put up some thoughts about it. May be one day I will be able to overcome the huddle and become more invincible to my emotion swing. I will settle with what I had for now. One good thing that I learned from running long distances, focus to your current step!
The Olympics Men Marathon last night gave me some adrenaline to continue. Meb Keflezighi can still come back after 8 years and finished at 4th at age 37. Stephen Kiprotich from Uganda running at his own pace and stayed on the chasing pack until 37km before he take the lead, break out 200m from the Kenyan and claimed the gold medal.
Meb Keflezighi took over the 4th place on the final stretch
Stephen Kiprotich win the 2012 Olympics Marathon.
Both Olympics 2012 photos taken from internet source:

I am restarting my engine now for the River Jungle Marathon in 9 Sept. No sub-5 expected from this marathon. I think I missed lots of scenes and other fun during my first marathon last year. I will take my own sweet time to enjoy this route again.


  1. You're right. Running should be fun. Sometimes I forget that myself and put too much emphasis on training, gadgets and all kinds of nonsense. After all, I'm not going to finish on a podium in my lifetime, right :D

    Your post has got me thinking about why I run and I guess, I run cos I truly enjoy the sport. It's not about how fast I can run, how many people I can beat, how well I do, how good my pace is, I guess it really is about enjoying the run and crossing the finish line still smiling :D

    But keep running my friend, if you ever get the feeling of wanting to stop, gimme a buzz, we'll run together.

    1. No worry, I posted this here because I think I wish to continue running deep in my heart. I may just needed some time to let myself figure it out how to better in handle the swing. Same like a marathon, eventhough it is a solitary journey, but we meet good people and get encouragement along the way.
      Thanks Nick :)

  2. Just like Nick mentioned, your post got me thinking of why I'm running now. I too have been pre-occupied with a certain target and a certain training plan, running is now no more just lacing up my shoes and going out from the house.

    Keep running Neoh and have FUN!

    1. Yup, back to the basic!
      Have fun!