Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Year Resolution 2013

It is again the time to reflect back my running in 2012, before it ended in few days time, and plan ahead for 2013. Look at the training mileage, I had most of my mileage logged in the first quarter, then I started to fall back. Most likely during that time, I over trained, hit the ceiling and burned out. Over trained is a relative term, my mileage of 180~220km per month can be a normal weekly mileage for some elite’s, but hellish to me. Hopefully I am now fully recovered and ready to take on the new challenge in the coming new year.

In year 2012, I made some changes in my running. First I shifted to running full time in VFF. Then now I start running full time barefoot. Set up 4 runningtargets, but only able to accomplished 2 of them. So, I am felt a bit miserable don’t know how to set the new targets.

After putting together some thoughts, I think,
1. Complete 1 full marathon in barefoot (tentatively, PBIM or PNM).
2. Complete a full marathon in 5 hours.
3. Complete a half marathon in 2 hours.
4. Get my weight down to 66kg and maintain it.

Again I will restrict my races as 2013 will be very busy at work. Races in planning,
Jan 2013
MPIB 2013 Run, 12km
Feb 2013

Mar 2013
Brooks Half Marathon
Apr 2013
Bidor Half Marathon
May 2013

June 2013
KL Marathon
July 2013
Seremban Half Marathon or Gold Coast Marathon
Aug 2013

Sept 2013
River Jungle Marathon
Oct 2013
Putrajaya Night Marathon
Nov 2013
Penang Bridge International Marathon
Dec 2013
Macau Marathon or Singapore Marathon or MR25

I haven’t decided on some of the races in the list, (Bidor, GC and Macau/Singapore) mainly to avoid crashing with my work schedule. And not all will be racing barefoot. I will update my barefoot running status on a separate post. Anyway, I will take it easy until June/July, and get my weight down to my target 66kg. This is essential to complete the rest of the marathons lined up towards the end of the year.

So, what is your plan?


  1. All the best with the 2013 resolution Neoh. I bet you can do it. :)

    If all goes well, I'll be seeing you at MPIB, Bidor & KLM? Still mulling over whether want to better my HM time or do FM at KLM. :)

    1. Thanks! See you in those races.

      Some time it is hard to judge should we doing HM or FM, just follow your heart.

  2. I'm also scaling back on taking part in races. I'm picking and choosing my races for next year to improve on my FM timing. Get put in more effort for training next year.

    Here's looking forward to all of us achieving what we set out to do!

    1. Be careful not to over train, increase slowly and give plenty of recovery time in between. You will sure sub5 (or even sub4.5) in 2013! :)

  3. Good luck man. I wish I have a spirit like yours too.

    -> ❤

  4. well, we can only plan and hope for the best! I am sure with your determination, you will achieve your goal in 2013!

    1. Thanks!
      You too all the best on taking down the HK100, and that few more minutes left towards your sub-3 FM target.

  5. Same here, would also like to lose more weight to increase my pace n speed too.. All the best for your Sub5 FM n Sub2 HM Bro.. I'm sure u can do it flawlessly provided with all the hard workout and training regime followed religiously... =D

    May we have a happy prosperous coming new year 2013 full with hopes and dreams... =D

    1. Thanks for dropping by.
      Wish you have a fruitful Run/Eat/Travel adventure in year 2013 :)

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