Thursday, August 29, 2013

Running in English Garden

My current role come with some travel opportunities, one of it will be attending the training in Munich Germany. I will be visiting this beautiful city (and some small towns surrounding it) 4 times in 2013. The first 2 visits happen in January and May, which the weather is too cold in Jan, and too wet in May, for running. Third visit happened recently in early August, which is summer time in northern hemisphere. The best time to run! I ran every morning for a short 6-7k before the start of the class, and able to visit the famous English Garden on a Saturday morning LSD.
On that Saturday morning, I left Motel One Munich City OST around 6:30am to start my LSD. I can’t capture the whole map into my memory, so I stick with the main direction from the hotel to the English Garden. It was a nice cooling morning. After a nice warming up for about 1.5km and the statue “Angel of Peace” indicated that I stepped into the boundary of the English Garden. I also took the opportunity to practice my TG-2, but obviously still lots of room to improve.
Starting point
Angel of Peace
Map of English Garden Part I
Map of English Garden Part II
I didn’t manage to round the park (not even on its perimeters). I was in hurry after the time past 8am because I need to catch a flight on 12pm and with the 2 hours check-in time, and 50 minutes of train, I left not much time. On my way back, I took a “short-cut” after I pass the “Angel of Peace”. But after the 2nd turns, I was confused with the direction. Nothing looks familiar because the sun was shining now. The only comfort that I had was the Garmin, I will sure able to find my way back to starting point with the return to start point function! After few crossing few more junctions, finally I came across the familiar construction site I passed by earlier. Finally I reached the hotel around 8:30am.
Prince Regent Theater
Running dog.... faster than my LSD pace :P
Chinesischer Turm
Overall a good experience and it will be even better if I am not in hurry. I will return to Munich in early October for another training session. It just happened that Munich Marathon is right after my training week and I signed up without any hesitation. The marathon finish line is set inside the Olympic Stadium that used in Munich Olympic 1972. Not many change to enjoy a finishing in an Olympic scaled location! For sure I will enjoy the once in a life time experience!


  1. What a lovely place to run in! Lucky you.

    All the best for October!

    1. You have a speedy recovery.
      Hope to see you in races again.