Tuesday, December 17, 2013

5000KM into Running

I started running for more than 3 years now. First I used Sport Tracker for mileages records, and then slowly I moved to DailyMile since March 2011. Why I faithfully login my training mileages? I used them to encourage myself to continue. Like what I read from Haruki Murakami’s book about running, me too got tones of reasons to not running every morning, but only few kept me going. Hence I need to carefully preserve those few. The statistic, analysis, equivalent numbers of donuts, TV powered, around the world, etc. do spark the interest of keep going. I also loved the interaction between runners in the DailyMile and met some great running friends like Lina, Nick and Kah Yen.
Now 3 years passed and I cumulated 5000km training mileages (with 200km of cycling earlier this year), just to reflect on my progress so far,
1. Started running with the intention to loss weight, now I am 18kg lighter than the time I started. 10kg from the first year, then it stayed around 70-73kg for 2 years until I started follow the training program and control my diet, now is 65kg.
2. Running getting faster. My first 10km race was about 90 minutes, and now its 55 minutes. My first 21km race was about 2:25’, and now its 2:03’. My first 42km race was about 6:31’, and now its 4:59’.
3. Completed 2 oversea FM, Singapore and Germany (Munich)
4. Started to felt that I had too much of medals in collection, and some time paying too much for a short race.
5. Calves, knees, ankles, lower back and some others parts I don’t know the name are suffering regular soreness (and some time pain), like all other seasonal runners does.

60 more days to my first Ultra 50km.


  1. 3 years and you've gone through many changes. Congrats Neoh.

    I am lucky to befriend you and you are one of my running inspiration.

    All the best for your next quest.

    From your Dailymile updates, sure looks like you're right on track. :)

    1. Thanks Lina. Your running family is my inspiration too. Hoping on day I can run with the whole family like you do ;)