Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Year Resolution 2014

Only now I start to plan for my 2014, I awared that I had 2 sets of goals in both DailyMile and in my Blog.
Goals set at DailyMile,
1. 4x Full Marathon
2. Sub-5 in Full Marathon
3. Control weight at 65kg
I achieved all these goals (the weighing scale started to show 65-66kg now).
Goals set at Blog,
1. 1x Barefoot Marathon
2. Sub-5 in Full Marathon
3. Sub-2 in Half Marathon
4. Control weight at 66kg
I only completed 2 out of 4. Barefoot running take a back seat this year. Even though I still race on and off with barefoot, but it more like for fun instead of training up to FM distances. The next will be sub-2 HM, I completed the last HM in 2:03. Let’s leave it for next year.
I am now following the Hansons Marathon Method training program. The recent two PB are obviously from the training program. I am excited with the result so far. I was not really good in following training program, all my previous program will only lasted for 2-3 weeks. Now I am actually completed phase one of the Beginner program and partially into phase two (8 weeks into training). Missed few workouts but mostly are on schedule. The weekly mileages stacking up to 65km, and ran 216km in November. I expected more to come in December and January before shifting back to low gear for tapering in February for the 50KM in Titi 100.

So it’s again the time to plan for 2014, I am actually struggled to find enough races to fill up my once a month quota. There will sure be lots of shorter or longer races come up later, so I will live with what I had here for time being. For half marathon, I will skip Brooks HM and Seremban HM, adding in the Bidor, Ipoh KRI (not sure the date) and PNM HM (don’t want to back to back FM weekend). 3 x 42km and 2 x Ultra. The Taipei Marathon will be part of the family vacation plan :)

MPIB Run, 12KM
Titi 100, 50KM
Bidor Half Marathon, 21KM
Larian HKSAS, 15KM
B2E, 12 hrs Ultra
River Jungle Marathon, 42KM
Taipei Marathon, 42KM

Target for 2014,
1. Complete a sub 4.5hrs Full Marathon
2. Complete a sub 2hrs Half Marathon
3. Complete a 52min 10k
4. Control weight around 65kg

Don’t think I will venture into full time Barefoot running soon, will continue to focus on speed training to expose my limit.

Hope the new year will be as fruitful as 2013.

Happy running!


  1. That looks like a pretty decent goal.

    All the best and I'm sure you can achieve all that! :-)

    p.s. Not doing Watergate 16hr in Putrajaya? :P

    1. Thanks!

      For the Watergate, 16hours run itself is tough enough, being in Putrajaya means we will roasted to perfection... Please excuse me for time being. I will skip these challenges until I am crazy enough for this.... still gathering my Crazy-Nuts-power.... :P

    2. Don't worry. They're doing it at night. Hehehe

    3. Ops, sorry I overlook the starting time.
      May be the image of how Nick was roasted in his last 12hours Ultra in Putrajaya still haunting me :P

      Signed up the annual MPIB run, so will not join the Watergate 16hours.