Sunday, January 19, 2014

Injury Update

I wished the last bar were from running, but all those 144km were did on a bicycle
For the longest time since I recording my running activities, I was not running for 2 weeks. Tried 2 times test run (last Wednesday and today) but the injured foot don't seem to fully recovered. After many reflection, I can more or less pin point the causes of this injury - over trained.

I am following the Hanson Marathon Method beginner training program since November 2013. The weekly mileage was ramp up to 85km when I was injured. I can't blame the mileages for my injury, and I only got myself to blame for. Why? The intensity of the training. My target marathon time was set to 4.5hours, hence I should follow the relevant target pace for all types of trainings in the schedule. My problem, not following the plan and not recognize my limit! All my training pace was at least 30sec faster than the target pace and that went to the extreme especially in the race. Example in MPIB, it was my 26km long run day with target pace 6:51min/km, but I was doing 5:40min/km for the 12km route, right after my 14km warming up. Both pace and mileages went up and tear down my body and resulted this injury.

The injury hinder my training for my first 50k Ultra. Out of running for 2 weeks (maybe more) will definitely undone some of the fitness level I gained. For now I can only depends on cycling to maintain my basic fitness. Good thing is the weight maintained even though the training intensity went south, and this reconfirm my weight lost approach worked!

Key learning from this injury,
1. Build up slowly during training. If choose to follow a program, followed thru.
2. One or 2 races during the training program is ok, but avoid back to back,  and avoid any race if possible.
3. Listen to the body carefully especially at the peak of the training. Pushing over an uncomfortable feeling at the peak of the training program will cause serious damage.

How am I going to deal with Titi50 in less than a month? Well, I will have to let my foot healed completely before any serious running. Scale back my target accordingly and may be have a good 9 hours walking in Hulu Langat during the race. Anyway, I will start to mix my workout with brisk walking before and after. Aimed to rehabilitate my foot for running with those brisk walking/weight bearing exercise.

Look at the bright side, I am doing my secret training for 2014 PowerMan. May be I will join for difference type of fun if my cycling training coming out good.


  1. Take care Neoh and hope that you can start running soon!

  2. Sometimes, it's really too much strain. Times like these require that you pull yourself to the side for a while, and get into some therapy that will relax, as well as exercise your weary, beaten muscles in turns. It's what you'd need to get through measuredly and safely.

    Alejandra @ US Health Works - Tacoma Center

    1. Thanks for the advise.
      But in most of the time we human-being failed to recognize the timing that we should step back to the sideline. Hopefully I will learn the lesson from this injury and avoid it next time :)