Thursday, February 6, 2014

Titi50 Preparation

With the recent injury on my left foot, the training plan ruined and training mileage on running dropped back to my norm period. With only 9 more days to my first ultra marathon, I am actually kind of uncertain about what to look ahead for in this 50km race. The recovery is so far so good, now I am able to run at easy pace up to 20km and run at sub 6 minutes pace up to 7km without any problem. But these legs are far from their peak and I will not able to follow thru my initial plan of finishing in 6 hours. Hence I need an all new game plan.
After tinkering around with the route map and elevation plan, confirming the brisk-walking pace in Bukit Kledang, and I put up this new game plan. New target time, 7.5 hours for the 50km race. The plan will be simple, I will run with easy pace 7-8 min/km whenever possible, and will shift to brisk walking gear when pace dropped below 8 min/km. The planned brisk walking pace will be 10-11 min/km. I should be finished the 50km within 7.5 hours without much of the issue. Anyway, I may still be too optimistic. Even the time off from injury may only post less than 10% losses on my stamina (I kept cycling during the break from running), but the body parts may not able to survive the 50km. Blisters and muscles clamps may kill me half way....
Items to be pack with me during the race,
1. Torch light + Head lamp (with spare AA batteries)
2. Back blinker light (with spare AAA batteries)
3. CamelBak FreshFlo, with 1litre of water (as spare reservoir)
4. Gatorade 500ml bottle with water
5. PowerGel, 6 packs
6. Salts Stick, 6 pills
7. Plastic Plaster, few
8. Vaseline, 5g
9. IC, driving license & car key
10. Phone (turned off to save power)
11. Running cap (useful when the night getting too cold)
12. Sponge (for cleaning salty surface in the water station)

Running attires,
1. Run for It 7 finisher-T (bright enough)
2. 2XU Compressed short (with bamboo fabric underpants)
3. Garmin 910XT
4. RoadID
5. Vibram FiveFinger KomodoSport

Optional (tentatively left inside the car)
1. PowerBar or bread
2. Bath and cleaning kit
3. Brooks LSD Lite running jacket

I will do my last long run before the Titi50 this Sunday with the PAC CNY Potluck party in Padang Merbuk. Next week will be travelling on business, should be in low training mileages for the body to rest. Carbo-loading...... started since Chinese New Year......

Good luck if you are running Titi100 or Titi50, SCHKM, Tokyo Marathon or other races in February.


  1. All the best for Titi50 Neoh!

    We'll be cheering for you! :)

    1. Thanks Lina for the great effort to volunteer in this event.
      Where is your station? I only run 50k and u turning at the 3rd water station.

    2. Haven't been informed which one. Will check and hopefully get to see you. :)