Monday, December 8, 2014

Training report: Seoul International Marathon and training week 3

The highlight of training week 3 is the start of the tempo run and the long run. If you compared to the usual training program, Hanson method used slightly difference terms in this two key workout. In short, tempo run will be practicing targeted marathon pace, and long run is working on anaerobic threshold.
I was doing fine in week 3. The speed repeats completed without too much of issue with all 8x done faster than 4.5min/km pace. Anyway, I wasn’t able to complete the planned tempo run and long run. I only managed to hold up that pace for part of the planned distances. The pace was selected at 5min/km and 5.4min/km respectively. Not a very fast pace but it will still hurt if doing it for long enough. I am not very worry about this cause it is normal when you aimed to take down a pace that obviously beyond your existing capacity. The body just need time and practice to getting used to the pace and intensity. Like how it handles in the previous program. If it’s ok to take the pace, it will slowly ease into it. If it’s not ok to take the pace, it will show some sign to tell me to stop the abuse. I just need to listen closely to my body now.
Easy 9.7km

Speed 8x 600m
Speed 8x 600m
All repeats faster than 4.5min/km

Tempo 9.7km
Only 5km in tempo pace
Easy 11.3km

Easy 9.7km

Long 16.1km
Only 9km in long run pace
Total Done
Right ankle & PF issue
The right ankle seems to have some pain from the tempo run last week. I suspect that is a PF issue. The intensity of the training is taken its toll on the body. Calves felt tights most of the time and I had a hard time to loosen them in my every night stretching. Anyway the training intensity in the coming weeks will be reduced as I will be traveling from this Thursday onwards. I plan to continue with the 6 days training but change all into 10km easy run. Hopefully I can still maintain the momentum during my trip.

Today the long waited Seoul International Marathon registration has started. The fees increased to USD50 but still one of the most affordable IAAF GOLD label marathon. Flat course with 10-15degC weather are the big plus if you are chasing your PB. Furthermore, you will finish the marathon like a champion after the final lap inside the Jamsil Olympic Stadium (for 1988 Olympic Game). Click the picture below to the official website.


  1. USD50 for the marathon?

    That's really a bargain!

    All the best with your training Neoh.

    I'll be reading about it diligently so that I know what to expect when I want to adopt the Hansons training. :)

    1. Great bargain, kan?
      But I heard the race is very basic and not frills.
      No big expo and volunteers that take out your timing chip at the finish line (that is in Tokyo which costed more than 3x). Even bib is collected from the Newspaper office (title sponsor cum organizer).

    2. Wah... interesting no-frills marathon!

      I like it that way somehow. :)
      Although nice to go to grand ones occasionally. :)