Monday, January 5, 2015

Look back 2014 & welcome 2015

The 2014 ended with an injury. Not really a new injury thought. The right foot was suffering with plantar fasciitis since mid of the year. I didn’t seek out for any treatment because from the reading, I knew that the situation is difficult to treat and I can only relief it by stretching it. During this period of time, I still scored my PB in FM (4:08:30 in SCKLM), 10K (49:16 in CICM) and unofficially sub 2 three times in HM distances.
2014 total mileage of 2389km
As a whole, 2014 was a great year in my running career, with all 2014 running target accomplished. Followed a great training plan, achieved the speed and the distances that I can only dreamed of previously. I started to dream even bigger target, to achieve 330 in FM, and in the hindsight, it will be my indicator if I could continue to pursue an even faster FM, for example, 310 for the Boston Qualifying timing.

After I completed APBIM, I took up the 330 training immediately. The PF issue was bearable back then. But after 3 weeks into the demanding 330 program, the ankle started swollen after every run, but recovered on time for the next day training. Still can continue cause of not pain, but I decided to stop for 2 weeks in conjunction of my business / family travel. The break didn’t result any progress on recovery hence I decided to seek for some help. The ultra-lady Fujii introduced Tony Wang who working in a Chinese traditional treatment center in Taman Mayang. Tony is an ultra-runner too. Visited Tony last Sunday and this is what I got at the end of the session.
The right ankle was wrapped with some Chinese traditional medicine after the acupuncture session. Need to off for 3 weeks hence my first DNS (did not start) race will be awarded to Dragon Back 2015. Still not very sure about the effectiveness of the treatment, but the PF issue is at ease at least for this morning. Hopefully it will work and I can continue my training plan by end January. It will be a scaled back plan compared to the aggressive 330.

As usual, I will plan my target in order to welcome 2015. Like 2014, I will only race in few events.
1. Complete a sub 4 marathon.
2. Complete an official sub 2 half marathon.
3. Reduce the weight to 63kg.
The rest will be having fun in training and may be in some selected races.
Of course, these will be fun if only the injury recovered.
Wish all my runners friend a safe and injury free running year ahead.


  1. take care Neoh!

    Congrats on your sterling 2014 achievements. You've certainly worked hard for it.

    And all the best for 2015.

    1. Thanks Lina!
      You too have a great running year ahead. Of course with Zaini and Raimie ;)