Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ITBFS & Training Update

Illiotibial Band Friction Syndrome (ITBFS) is a common injury that runners often pick up. One of the main causes for this injury is over-trained, with poor running technique. I guess I fitted into this cause nicely. I ran 67km and 8.5hours last week, close to 20% extra from my weekly normal.

The left thigh felt tight on the lateral side during last Sunday BA-Sri Hartamas LSD, around 40 minutes after start. If my memory served me right, it should be right after the crossing of the Jalan Duta underpass. The lifting of the legs to cross barrier on the underpass must had tipped the ITB friction (with lots of cumulating from my poor running technique). On that time, I didn’t pay that much of attention to it as its just tightness on one side of the thigh, and I am still ok to keep running. I continued to Sri Hartamas via the Matrade building. First time met with Mohan, Terence Poon and another runner (sorry I forgot your name, thank you to run with me at the slow pace) at the traffic light in front of Hartamas Height. We chatted along the way and thank you guys for sharing some tips on preparing marathon, I even booked a place at Mohan 7 hours pacing team in RJM :P Met with more runners on the way to the Petronas station.

Thanks to Terence, I really enjoyed the special flowers rain/shower treat. Heard from Carol that this is a pledge that will keep us in running, no heading back!
That’s GREAT! :D

Back to ITBFS, I felt the left thigh is about to cramped up after the flowers rain. Pushed on to the Petronas station and took some rest there and slowly ran back to BA. The left thigh felt terrible now, so no double hills today. I reduced to run-walking after the Bukit Tunku, and finally back to my car in one piece. Reached home, after cleaned up, I performed the usual message, put on the compression socks and a quick napping for recovery.

I guess I am still lucky (or may be still in early stage :P). The tightness doesn’t turn into pain, but I had problem to walk down staircase. The main course for these few days training will be on RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevate). Pray hard and hope to recover before the weekend. Some resources and suggestion about ITBFS:

Btw, saw this information about PJ Half Marathon on MyRaceOnline. En. Rustam also confirmed the NB30km will not happen this year. I will substitute my race schedule and join the PJ Half Marathon.

Happy RICE! :(


  1. I am definitely taking part in the PJ Half for old times sake :D Can't wait for it to open for registration!

    Do take care of your legs, you want to be running forever. Make sure you get loads of rest and get well soon, ok?

  2. :D
    See you in PJ Half!
    Icing my ITB now...:P

  3. Take care. Hope it'll get better soon.

  4. Thanks Lina, after the few days off from running, the ITB felt much better now. I planned to off for another day & hope it will fully recover.