Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Running in VFF KomodoSport

It has been 3 weeks since I got the VFF. Now, I would properly say that running in VFF is a very good experience, and a very painful one. So far, I ran 100km in VFF with the longest distance and time I covered in one workout will be 15km (used 2 hours) and 2:40hours (hiking for 11km). The response from the feet in VFF in both workouts is overwhelming, but quickly it get through the threshold and what you only felt from there after is pain. For time being, I can’t pin-point the tipping point and the threshold. I will also imagine that this threshold will vary from each individual. So, if you are looking for the constant response from the feet to tune your gait, properly it will only happen before the threshold. You need a good gait and running style that locked hard into YOU, before you can go far in VFF. I used it for varies surfaces, asphalt, running trek, treadmill and even hiking. As you need your own legs to work hard as part of the suspension system, there are not much difference in term of protection and cushioning from the VFF in these varies surfaces.

I am now doing a quick and simple massage to my legs every night so they are in good shape and the pain do not accumulated especially at the calves, knees and the muscles on top of the feet. I am doing some strengthening exercise on the feet and plantar fascia area (refer to Merrell Barefoot for some suggestion). But some how I still felt some pain from time to time at some parts that I never experience before in running. I decided to take a few days off from now to ensure a proper recovery (plus I am actually down by flu too). I am fully understood pushing too hard in VFF may resulting stress fractures, and this is properly the worst injury for running, its only cure is REST until it fully recovered. I will change my training plan for RJM, with some training done in NB905 instead of 100% in VFF. Which shoes I will be running in RJM, it will be depends on my training now. Anyway, the well beaten NB905 should be a very good shoes for my first marathon. All LSD will be focus on time on feet until I can cover the 6 hours in one of the LSD.
River Jungle Marathon 2011 Route Map
6 weeks until RJM, my first marathon. 
Target in RJM, 7 hours (10 minutes/km pace). 

Update (11/8/11):
Found this article which is quite echo my point regarding running in VFF and ultimately, barefoot. I am now seriously thinking of getting another shoe for the RJM training :P


  1. All the best in your first full marathon :D I've still got a long way to go before I'm ready.

    Yes, be careful of those legs, don't want to get it injured and suffer from pains when you run like me.

    Get well soon.

  2. Nick, thank you!
    Yes I will take extra care on the legs :D