Monday, August 15, 2011

RJM 2011 Training Plan

There are about 5+ weeks until RJM. I am adjusting my training plan so that I can push through some of the training threshold. Hopefully this will enable me to travel on feet for 42km in 7+ hours. In this case, all my weekend LSDs are now go with time, and it’s going from current 2:30 hours to 4:30 hours before the RJM.

I will not able to focus on 2 things on running, so my plan to use VFF for the Marathon is tentatively dropped. NB905 will handle most of the LSD and VFF will restrict to the weekdays shorter distances only. Btw, I am wearing VFF to shopping after the LSD, it’s provide some mild stimulation when walking around.

Briefly looked at my time table, I should have no problem to stick to the plan, as long as I am able to recover timely from workout to workout. So, I get myself a flight socks (out of budget for RM250~400+ running compression). After last weekend LSD, I wear them and have both legs on elevated position after during the afternoon nap. The result is so far so good. I am still adjusting myself to use it, and hope it helps to speed up my recovery.

After few weeks training in VFF, my toes blister problem gone at least until 21km. The current weak point is still my ankle. Doc on the Run provided some timely advice on tapering. I will give it a try when I manage to find those KT tapes. I have some ankle support, but there are too bulky and I imagine it will result some blistering under my feet after 4 hours of running.

Yes, I feel a bit of panic about my near suicide attempt of running a Full Marathon so soon. Now all I can do is train as hard as my body allowed, and hope for the best. 

Also, Malakoff 12KM Kuala Lumpur 2011 launched today. Registration open at MyRaceOnline. It's the same route and venue like 2010 version. That time I am only on 7km, but over-weighted and not fit. This year, I registered for the 12km. It is time again to test out myself on the dreadful double looped Bukit Damansara route.


  1. Let me know how that taping went, I'm curious to see the effects.

    I'm giving the Malakoff a miss, I SERIOUSLY hate loops!

  2. Nick, sure will keep every progress posted here :D
    On the Malakoff KL, every loop is 5+km, I think you wont feel the "Looping Effect" :P

  3. I thought want to give the race a try... then I saw the dates. I just come back to Malaysia after my holiday. Definitely not good timing. ;0

  4. Hi Lina, welcome to my blog :D
    It was a good experience running at Bukit Damansara during last year Malakoff (my 3rd official race). But too bad this year timing is not good for you to try it out.