Sunday, April 29, 2012

428, what’s next?

If you are the first timer yesterday’s protest, thank you for the support and recognition of the Bersih3.0. I am not an activist and last year 709 is the first time I walked the street. The rally last year, I also like most of the protestors, we followed all the progress at Facebook and other sources, desperately looking for the latest updates, news, watching for the reaction from people and Government to the Bersih2.0. After that? I was totally upset by the Government's response! I felt so helpless and didn’t know what to do. So, if yesterday was your first time, the following are some suggestions:
1. Do something you enjoy doing. If you like to exercise, moderate exercise can improve your mood. Don’t let other people fault screw up your mood.
2. Now switch off the network and keep the entire Sunday to your family. Isn’t this is your purpose to join Bersih? To give your family a better future? But why future? There are some things you can do NOW.
3. Tell every one you know on yesterday's rally. Tell them about the purpose of Bersih3.0 and how it progressed with the government's actions.
4. If you were injured, please rest and take necessary steps to ensure speed recovery. The demand will not achieved by only one or two assembly. Be ready to Bersih 4, 5, 6!

428 然后呢?
1. 去做你喜欢做的事情,如果你喜欢做运动,适量的运动可以改善你的心情。
2. 现在就把网络关掉,把整个星期天留给你的家人。这不是你参与集会的目的吗?给家人更好的明天?有些事情你其实现在就可以做。
3. 告诉你身边每一个人关于昨天的集会。集会的诉求,进展与政府的所作所为。
4. 如果你受伤了,请把身体养好。我们的诉求不是一两个集会就可以达成,准备Bersih 456 吧!


  1. I'm glad I went for it yesterday. I don't know how much of a difference I made but at least I know I tried my best and I'll keep trying for as long as there is still life in me. Thanks for keeping in touch with me yesterday.