Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Training Update, running in VFF & Barefoot

February and March 2012 will be listed high in my training history as both months give very high number of training mileages, at 183km & 221km respectively. The last time I ran >200km per month is last October, where race Putrajaya Night Marathon alone contributed 42km. I only got Brooks Half Marathon in the pass 60 days, so the mileages in both months are strictly “training mileage”.
With the high mileages, I think my body undergo second stages of reforming and start to lose some weight now. I used to think that we can eat whatever as we did lots of exercise. The painful fact is, running can help in weight and cholesterol level control, but you still need to control the diet in order to achieve the ideal weight and reducing the cholesterol level. My weight stayed at 70kg since Nov 2011 (it even went up during the heavy feasting CNY period), finally I see the weighing scale dipping below 70kg after some control of my diet lately.

I adjusted my plan, focus and intensity of the training from time to time, mainly to keep myself motivated in training. We often claimed that we enjoyed most from the “running” itself, but the dish some time can be too plain and tough to take without other drivers. I tried to follow the training plan to push up my speed and mileages, but I think my body still not tune into the mode to take the high intensity. Hence I understand I am still lacking on the strength and will not able to run at the target pace as per the plan. From now on, I will drop the recommended pace and only go with the distances with my heart rate monitored.

After CNY, I added in Barefoot into my training. Started with barefoot walking 850m on the rest/cross training days, and increasing the training mileages in all the VFF runs. The previous training in VFF helps to remove some barriers to adapt to BF running, but my soles are obviously not yet ready to take on the rough surface. The first walking BF on the asphalt surface is a painful experience. It took me 15 minutes to cover the 850m. Compared to VFF, running BF needed more adjustment on muscle groups that enabling a softer landing on forefoot. Eventhough you get a good feedback from VFF, but the experience is not even closed to directly landing on BF. The legs muscles forced to fire up in order to reduce the impact. I learned not to over stride in walking, keep my stride length short and go with faster cadence or step rate. Finally, after about 2 months of BF walking, I finally put in some speed and start to run the 1st km in BF last Monday. Cover the 1km with 9min pace. More training and exposure needed in BF. But for now, I will switch back to VFF and my focus to my sub-5 marathon target.

Talking about running shoes, as you can see my shoes list, I am working on both extreme. I run in VFF and Control/Stability Shoes (Brooks GTS10). I have 2x GTS10, one of them already badly worn with >1000km mileages (part of the outsole gone); the other one is still new with ~100km mileages. I will retire the worn GTS10 after Energizer Night Race. I am not sure if I will run in VFF, but if I don’t, this GTS10 will race in ENR as its last race. Old shoes are best in giving reliable support in race. Will get another VFF soon as the KomodoSport is badly worn on the outsole as well (caused by my lazy right feet that grazed the road surface often after 21km mark). Saw this Retro version of VFF Originals in FB, will this arrive in MAL soon?
Next race in Energizer Night Race, I will set my Visual Training Partner pace to 7.5min/km to finish the FM before 5.5hours. But I am not really good in following the game plan, tentatively the adrenalines and my ego will still push me harder until the 30km, I will properly accomplish my sub-5 target if I don’t walk at all after that (walked a lots after 30km out from ECP in SCMS last year).

See you in the Sepang International Circuit on 21 April.


  1. I have every confidence that you can achieve that sub 5! I've been following your training and you're heading in the right direction. In fact, I'm using you as an inspiration for my first ever FM!

    1. Just plan only, really had no confident for that yet. Will have better change if the chilling evening like tonight continued for another two weeks :)

    2. You can do it Neoh! :)

      Plus, see you there too! ^^

    3. Sure Lina, see you there :)