Monday, April 23, 2012

Energizer Night Race 2012 Race Report

This is my first Marathon for year 2012. The last Full Marathon is 4 months ago, so I am exited for this event. The feeling of running is totally difference in both training and racing. Not that I am able to win or that competitive, but nothing will beat the feeling of running together with lots of people aiming the same objective.

The event was a nightmare in year 2011, but with the new organizer, Energizer managed to turn around that perception last Saturday. All the good arrangement showing that the organizer & Energizer really think through and plan for this event. You may have fewer runners this year, but you took extra miles to make sure all the 5k runners happy with the great event!
For some reason (mainly due to work), I am either in the “over” or “under” trained stage compare to the previous Singapore Marathon. I had 2 high mileages months in Feb and March, but really struggled in April. I was into the running mood dip since early April. I did only minimum training to ensure the body is ready for the FM, but this turn out to be a good move. The body is rested before the run and enabling me to push harder in the FM. The mind is cleared once we flagged off from the starting line. The pace is rather consistence for the first 20k, stayed around 6:50~7:30min/km. It is hard to resist an up pace when you running thru a pack of cheerleaders. The soles start complained about the workload and the pace drop to 8min/km. That was around 1/2 of the 3rd loop. The mind is strong and managed to push for another loop, and I had to slow down to brisk walking pace around 9~10min/km.
Around 3.5 laps, 25km, photo by hhh
Laps tracking screen before the end of each loop, photo by Tey.
At 34km (1/2 of the 5th loop), the body and stamina are still ok to continue, but the sole are very pain and 2 blisters formed underneath the toes joint. I start to walk up all the climbs. There will be no way I could do better the SCMS 5:42, so I just enjoy myself and practicing how to regenerate and slowly restart of running from walking. Finally, the laps tracking screen shown that I had completed 5 laps. I am so happy and heading back towards the circuit. The happiness not lasted long, the service route is tougher with 2~3 climbs packed into that final 5km. The clock is ticking and I entered the final stretch in front of the grand stand with 5 minutes before 6 hours. Pushed the last bit out from my body and ignored the pain in the sole, finally I passed the finish line with only 30 seconds before 6 hours.
Finisher Medal, Front
Finisher Medal, Back
VFF after 42km of hard work!
This is the first time I ran a FM in VFF KomodoSport. I found that is difficult to walk in VFF if I don’t want to burn a hole on the outsole (and subsequently on my wallet to buy a new pair). We tended to slip and slide when walking in the low profile shoes or slippers. My VFF already badly wore out at the outsole due to my lazy feet from previous 26km training. So, I am really glad that I not only completed another sub-6 marathon, but also did it in VFF.
VFF Right Outsole before the race
Both legs got similar lazy feet issue.
Overall, this is the best marathon so far I had joined. Sure I will return in their 2013 editon.
1. Dedicated parking for Full Marathon, and this year we have no jam before entering the parking area.
2. Plenty of water station (every 2km each) and distances marking.
3. Cheerleading that really kept me going.
4. Laps tracking screen, the tracking is clear and the officers are really helpful to remind the runners on their progress.
5. Challenging route and looping. The looping really help me to adjust my running plan, I can visualize at which point in next loop to take my gel.
6. Shifting the event area to the Mall, with plenty of volunteers to directing participants along the way.

1. Some part of the route is without any illumination, especially the stretch from the beginning of the loop towards the first traffic light. The car headlight shined from the opposite lane really obstructing our vision.

Met KY and Nick. We had some discussion on Nick’s new favorite Skechers GoRUN. The good remark is tempted me to get one, will try it out on my next shopping day.

Met Paul before the start of the run. Paul really bared this round and running only with his tight & hydration. His body marked with “428 Bersih 3.0” and “Stop Lynas”, so I guess tentatively we will meet again in this Saturday in Dataran Merdeka for Bersih 3.0.

Met Khoo while looping on the route, he is volunteering again in this race. Thank you very much for the support, especially the cup of water at the final water station.
Next race will be PJ Dawn, coincidently the emcee that really screwed up herself in ENR2011 will be part of the “communication” team. I don’t know what is that means, but as the race will be running by PACM, I will still show up on the starting line. Enjoy yourself and have a safe race.


  1. You did good in breaking into the sub 5 hour mark :D You're my inspiration to run mt first marathon in the SCKLM.

    1. Nick, thank you. But I yet to sub-5 leh...
      Will try it in SCKLM, what is your plan?

  2. Job well done Neoh with ENR 2012 marathon! :)

    You sure can make it to your target for SCKLM, I'm sure. :)

    1. Thanks Lina!
      Will push harder in SCKLM, still not sure if I will do it again in VFF or shoes... Let see...

  3. By reading your post, I can sence that you really enjoyed your run. Well done again! See you at PJ Dawn.

    1. This is so far the best Marathon I ran (not my completion time but the event/race itself). You did very well too last Saturday night.

      See you at PJ Dawn. That will be my another attempt to sub-2 in HM :P

  4. I felt that the entire event was one of the best organised I have attended so far so looking forward to run there next year!


    1. TTD, thanks for visiting.
      Yup this is the best event so far. See you in ENR2013.