Thursday, May 12, 2011

Coming 14km Race @ Kuala Kangsar

Today started the race kit collection at Athlete’s Circle. Drop by the outlet at JayaOne during lunch to collect my race kit. Drive thru the famous traffic jam area at the Rothmans roundabout to get to Jalan University. Look at the road works on the roundabout, guess very soon the traffic light will be placed and there will be no more roundabout along Jalan University.

At the Athlete’s Circle, not many people collecting their race kit. May be today only the first day, or may be there aren’t much outstation runners from Klang Valley. For 14km, the race kit consists of Bib Number, Timing Chip (D-tag), Safety pin and Race instruction. I love the race with Race instruction, it shown at least the organizer had consider most of the importance issues for the race. The 14km category will not get any running vest, but it will be a finisher T-shirt (from the list of sponsors, I will expect a Brooks running T-Shirt, Great!).

This is the first race I will run with timing chip. Frankly I am very surprised about the RFID technology used in Running. My line of industry still struggled to have the first generation bar code, and we already having RFID on our racing event.

As usual, the race kit had the 10% discount coupon from Athlete’s Circle. I used that coupon immediately for the LockLaces. My NB905 come with very long SureLace, I planned to replace it with the LockLaces. Also, the normal lace will absorb some sweat during long run. Those smell and sweat from the shoes lace will get to my hand every time I lacing up my shoes. Hope the water resistant LockLaces will not absorb that much of sweat. If it does, the contact time will be shorten as the LockLaces mechanism is really simple.

I have a good feeling with this race so far; hope I can fully enjoy the race in next weekend. I am doing all Tempo runs during the weekday morning runs of 4~6km. I wish to improve my speed and hopefully I can cover this 14km in 1:20 hours.

Btw, there will be another 44 days and 2 more 14/15km races to my first half marathon.

See you in the races.

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