Friday, May 27, 2011

Kuala Kangsar 14km Race Report

I was sick and grounded since the 13km LSD on Wesak Day, so I didn’t really able to prepare much for this race. It will solely depend on my routine training for the coming half marathon in June. It had been a while I didn’t rest for 4 days without any running, so I don’t put too much stress on myself and told myself that I will not be able to complete this within 1:20 (about 5’45”/km pace). This is just a warming up ran after 4 days off from running, and the flu is not yet totally gone.

Drive back to Ipoh on the Saturday morning, spent some time with family and only hit the bed at almost 11pm. The main culprit is the 2+ hours dinner (the food is nice though, but the waiting isn’t). The Sunday morning alarm sounded on 4:30am, but I slap it and went back to sleep… until 5:30am only I waken in a sock! Quickly get myself ready and hit the road on 5:45am! This is my PB on preparing ME in the race day morning (it normally took about 1 hour for that, that’s why I set my alarm to 4:30am).

Reached the starting point around 6:40am, deposit my baggage and off for some slow jogging as warming up. Plan to use the toilet but the Porta-Pottys are jammed with very long queue. I ran a bit further out to some government offices building and manage my business in their public toilet. I headed back to starting line right about 7am and observed the sky is covered by dark cloud. It will be a good weather and cold race. Lots of familiar faces waited on the starting line; I saw most of them on the Bukit Aman – Sri Hartamas Sunday run and some from varies races’ photos and blogs. The race started on time. I had no game plan for this race, so I just ran with comfortable pace. To my surprise, I ran the first 5km with below 6 min/km pace and I don’t felt that stressful on my body. It may be due to the training and rest I had. The scene along the route is fantastic and the race is basically stopped traffic in the whole Kuala Kangsar town for like an hour.

First water station located at 3km mark at the road side but the ribbons are giving out on the middle of the road. As I only focused to the water station, I missed the ribbon. I only got mine after turning back from the traffic light. I stopped for water and Gatorade at all the water stations, they even have banana on the 11km water station. My throat felt even better after the race as I really gulp in lots of water/Gatorade during the race. Also there are traditional music instruments played along the route, it gave a fine tuning to this race event.

I finished the race with 1:32’25” (average to 6’18”/km pace) and 211th in my category. PACM/organizer prepared lots of fruit and food at the finish area. I gulp in few more cups of Gatorade and I guess at least half of a watermelon. I am too lazy to get the food so clear my baggage and heading back to Ipoh right after the watermelon.
Finisher goodies... Brooks technical runner-T
in white color, think it is too "see through"... :p

front view, unique design on the medal shape
from the famous handicrafts "Labu Sayong" in Perak Kuala Kangsar area

rear view, engraved 14km Finisher

I think I am kind of ready for the half marathon, and I am now pushing my speed to about 6’15”/km pace for more distant. My aim will be completing the half marathon with this pace. The first test will be next week 15km at Putrajaya, with this pace I should be completing this 15km in 1:34. Looking into my lap records, my speed barrier are now at 8th km and subsequently at 12th km. I will anticipate 2 more speed barrier before the full 21km (at 16th & 19th km tentatively). More tempo run repeats will enable the body to shift these speed barriers to a further distant.

It’s another dozen of trainings and 29 days to the half marathon.

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