Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Racing Season

Registrations for below races are just opened.

Basically I will take part in most of them except The River Jungle Marathon (which only have a full marathon distant, don’t think I am ready to go FM in Sept). The coming race on my calendar will be the 14km in Kuala Kangsar, and then follow by 15km in Putrajaya (NB Pacesetters) and 21km in KL Marathon. That will conclude my total of 6 races in first half in year 2011.

As Aug/Sept will be very slow months, I planned to pack my July with races. Tentatively, Ipoh International Run, Seremban Half Marathon, Klang Centro Run and Men’s Health Night Ran. The racing season will then resume by the NB Pacesetters 30km in October (I can’t make it for the Adidas King of The Road), followed by 21km in CICM Half Marathon, 21km in Penang Bridge International Marathon, and finally the first Full Marathon in Singapore Marathon. The year of 2011 should then conclude by the 12km in Malakoff run.

Guess I may be too ambitious to pack so many long distances races in the last quarter of the year. But in fact, I will take all the races before the Singapore Marathon as training, and reserve my full strength for the first FM experience. I have no target time for the FM, all my training is to ensure that I have a enjoyable experience running in Singapore.

My training plan until the Singapore Marathon:
Weekly Planned Distances
Break Down (km)
3x6 weekdays, 15/18 weekend
3x7 weekdays, 16/20 weekend
3x8 weekdays, 18/20 weekend
3x10 weekdays, 15/25 weekend
3x10 weekdays, 18/28 weekend
3x10 weekdays, 20/35 weekend
3x10 weekdays, 15/25 weekend

Hope I can stick to >85% of the plan.


Update (6/5/11): The Klang Centro Run registration is now closed, I missed the registration. :(

Ipoh International Run registration is just opened, I am still working on the registration as the online payment had some problem. This is one of the famous badly organized run (Click herehere & here to read more). I took part solely because its happened at my home town and tentatively I will be in Ipoh that time.

To my surprise, I got very fast reply from the Organizer on the payment problem. These shown some good sign on this race, and hope we have a enjoyable run in July.

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