Tuesday, November 8, 2011

LSD and Training

October was a good training month. Although I only did mostly 5km runs during weekday, but I clocking 50+ km per week with mainly Saturday-Sunday back to back LSD in 20~25km. I hadn’t done any LSD for 30km. So, over the last long weekend, I planned to use the PACM LSD at BA-Hartamas to challenge the 30km.

As usual, I wake up early but arrive late at BA car park. Start on 6:10am, so it will be a tough day for more then 30km. Anyway, it’s a beautiful morning for running with cooling from the previous night rains, and PACM was serving Gatorade in both water stations. I completed the 10km without any issue. Surprised to see the Petronas was under renovation, so no toilet and water to rinse away my sweat. I headed back to Jalan Duta and looping back to Hartamas after the Masjid via Matrade. Detour to Hartamas Shopping Complex for 7-Elevent. I don’t carry power gel so I needed some replenishment of fuel. Returned to Petronas only after 8:45am, and PACM water station actually ran out of supply and packed up early. I made up my mind and headed back to BA without any stops. Ended up I ran 29km in about 4 hours.

I would considered that I improved from 2 of my previous FM. I am now able to reprogram my mental state to follow the course I fixed before each run and complete them without too much of mumbling. This allows me to face the 25~30km without major issue and perhaps I will be able to complete the FM distances in 6 hours now. The reopen of PBIM FM registration actually tempted me to swap my category, but I held back as it’s too closed to SCMS. The PBIM will stay as a 21km speed works. Btw, AECO finally came back to me (after I called them twice) said the GF405CX will return latest by next week. So I will have a better manage of my pace in PBIM.

Also, the ITBFS seem to be at ease now and I am not nursing any injury on the rest of the parts. The legs & knees still felt soreness and tiredness after each long run, but nothing really serious. I will tune down the training intensity this week onwards to 30~40km per week until SCMS.

25 more days until SCMS.


  1. You sure have good training plan, Neoh.:)

    Good to hear that your GF405CX will be returned soon.

    All the best with the training and race at PBIM & SCMS! :)

  2. If I can plan and execute my work related project like my training plan... :P

  3. I'm sure you'll break into that sub 6 on the SCMS :D Keep it up.

  4. Thanks Nick!
    You take care and recover soon. See doctor when you need to.