Monday, November 14, 2011


This is one of the most famous race in Malaysia. I heard this race when I still in Primary school back in 80s. Once I had change to ride over the 13.5km Penang Bridge, I can’t belief there are actually lots of people will run the Bridge on this yearly event since 1985. After 1 year plus addicted to running, I will be one of the runners in this event on coming Saturday!

As I planned this race quite early, I am only registered to Half Marathon. By that time, I still planned to stick to 21k through out year 2011. No worry, there will always be a next year to run a full marathon on Penang Bridge. The race start at 3am (FM start at 2am), it will be tough to drive there from KL/Ipoh. So I will be taking the FireFly from Subang and reach Penang on Saturday afternoon, and return home on Sunday 3pm.

Game plan for this HM? Nope! I would like to focus more on my preparation for the SCMS, so this 21k will be on normal 6 minutes pace. No attempt on sub-2. Btw, I just got the confirmation from AECO that my unit arrived at their HQ and waiting to be transfer to Digital Mall. I will again running with my GF405CX and it will be easier to gauge my leading/lagging from sub-2 during the race. I may speed up on the 2nd half if I think I am doing well.

Not much training during last week as my brother getting married. Only managed slot in a long run on Saturday but can only do about 12.8k before the rain started. It had been a while I didn’t ran on Polo Ground in Ipoh. Felt it’s overcrowded during weekend morning 7~9am. I planned to run on Polo Ground until dawn then heading out to have some road running in Ipoh town, take about 8k and do few more laps back in Polo Ground to make up the 20k in total. From my observation, both main roads next to Polo Ground are not suitable for running. If next time I need to run around that area, I think I will run the inner roads only. I mapped few options to get a 10k road runs to prepare for my next round.

I will also take it easy from now on until SCMS. Maintaining 3x 5km during the weekdays and 10k + 20k over the weekend. My body will need the 45k weekly mileage to keep in shape & tuning, for at least 2 more weeks.


  1. All the best at PBIM Neoh! :)

  2. All the best my friend. Next year we run the FM in the PBIM together.

  3. Neoh & Nick,
    and maybe in two years' time I can join you two there! xD

  4. Nick @ Sure! We can run Penang Bridge together next year.

    Lina @ You can actually join us next year for the PBIM 42k. It will be held end of the year and you will be ready by then if you keep going with your current training rate.

  5. Hi Neoh,
    Came across your blog while searching for some experience on marathon. Very well shared experiences, enjoyed reading it. I m new, less than a year in about 4 runs only. Keep on running and writing!

  6. Pang, thanks for dropping by.
    I am still new too, only try to record my thought and some learning over the running activities. I am learning too from some experienced runners. Do check out those blogs on my favorite list.