Friday, November 25, 2011

Nike We Run KL 10K

This week will be the famous Nike 10K. The race sold out in 2 days time, so, I will expect the turn out will be quit good. I didn’t put too much of effort or plan for this event, but it’s a 10km happened towards the end of my preparation for SCMS, so I will only add in some additional mileage before the 10K to maintain my minimum weekly mileage. The plan is, reach Bukit Aman by 5am, loop a few loops at bird park until 6:30am then clean up a bit and head to the starting line. Not much expectation on the finish timing too. My previous official 10K race was Bareno in March, completed in 64 minutes. As I am in the mid of FM training, I will be happy if I finished the 10K within 70 minutes.

So far, the preparation of the SCMS went well. I had over the training peak and now is time to relax under slow gear. In fact, I think I am just too relaxed until many empty slots start to appear in my training daily and I only achieved 2/3 of my training plan for November. I think I will need to top up some extra over this weekend to at least recondition my body to take the 42k next Sunday. Weekend plan will be doing 15k on Saturday morning, 20k on Sunday morning (bird park plus the Nike Run), and 20k on Monday morning (my first try on the Newton Challenge Route at Bandar Kinrara). All these will be done in LSD pace (7~8 min/km) except the Nike 10K with target pace of 6.5min/km. It shouldn’t tax my legs so much before the big event.

I am getting my hand on the CW-X Expert Compression Tights from Choi’s year end promotion. The additional weekend mileage also for me to familiar with the compression tights. If I am able to get along with this, I will use it during SCMS. Will put up my review on the compression tights after SCMS.

I am looking forward to the Full Marathon and Singapore trip in 8 days time. 

Link to Race Report