Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nike We Run KL 10K Race Report

This event happened almost towards the end of my SCMS FM training, so I didn’t really put in any training for this 10k. I was at Bukit Aman about 5:25am for a decent parking and some warming up run, and to get myself used to the new CW-X tights. I looped the bird park loop for 4 times before heading to the starting pen.
Bird Park warming up, 4x loops = 9.4km
Nike We Run KL 2011
At the starting pen around 6:55am, the area was crowded with orange/red color people! I only get into the pen area after the official flag off. From there onwards, it’s jammed all the way to the flyover lead to KL Sentral. Hard to keep a decent pace and lots of attention needed to lookout on other runners. It was eased a bit after the first water station, then the feeling of packed race came on and off as the varies road conditions, especially on the narrow stretches on the Jalan Tun Sambanthan and Jalan Kinabalu which we shared the road with buses, motorcycles and cars.
Towards the finish line, photo by Jason Thai
Finally, we reached the wide opened road after Bank Negara. Also during that time, I saw the Reindeer in Sarong flied passed me. I think he must AWOL from Santa on the Christmas preparation to join this race :)  I stopped only once to refill my bottle and kept a consistence pace. I didn’t push the pace (also not much left to push after the 9k warming up at bird park loops) and finally reached the finish line in 64 minutes.
1GB Nike Lunar Glide 3 Thumb-drive upon completion of the 10k
Overall this is a very well organized event with sufficient water station and crews/supporters/musicians to keep the runners entertained. The only problem is still our running etiquettes. Runners simply stop at will in the middle of the road will caused problem in such a crowded event. Some even bended down to tight their shoes laces in the middle of the road. I can imagine there will be some unlucky person will definitely ran into these obstacles. I was extra alert and kept my strides short for any possible condition that I may be on this race.

This is my first run in Compression Tights, the result is positive and no issue observed. Before the run, I am anticipated running in full length tights may be very hot, but I felt ok and in fact a bit chilling through out the 19km. And yesterday, I completed another 21km in the tights with no issue too. Now I am confident to use it for the SCMS.

You can now downloading the PDF version of runners guide for SCMS (HERE). There will be 20,000 participants in Full Marathon category, and this will be a really packed event. I am really excited and there are only 4 more days. See you guys in Singapore!


  1. Hi Neoh,
    Great job on your Nike Run :)
    On your use of the compression tights, what difference did you experienced, before and after using it? Why did you choose a full length instead of a knee length tights?

  2. Hi Pang, I didn't try the knee or 3/4 tights so I can't comment on the difference. But a kiamsiap (stingy) person like me, the price difference is not much and you get extra calf compression from full length.

    Once put on the compression tights, you will first felt lighter on the legs/muscles area. It does help on recovery post long run, with 21k so far tested ok. I will have a better observation on my SCMS FM.

  3. Hah. Very funny Neoh :) well, on the whole, compression tights and shorts are really not cheap. But, it all depends on the result and experience we get from it. Thinking hard whether I should get it.
    Hope you have a good run at the SCMS! Good luck!

  4. 4 more days for you Neoh. All the best!

    Looking good in those tights.

    I saw some while shopping just now, a whole lot more to select from in Japan than in KL, and am debating whether to get myself one or two pairs of the compression tights too.

  5. Hi Lina, you should get one (if not some) on your Japan trip. The online price for CW-X Expert Tights is about RM260. I can only get this price locally if got promo. Further more CW-X is famous in Japan, think you may be getting some nice bargain there.

  6. 20,000! Wow! Last year was 17000+ if not mistaken..
    Training and racing in one go. Good job, bro! Looking good for SCMS. Good luck!

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