Monday, April 11, 2011

Another Long Slow Distant

Yesterday joined the LSD organized by PACM. Target to get up 5am but turn the alarm to 5:15am before go to bed… guess this is the start of a failure. Next morning, reach Bukit Aman only 6:40am. There are not many people this round (or may be I am late), as I had the idea on the first half of the course, I ran with consistent pace until the first water station. The scene and feeling of running in KL town area early in the morning is magnificent. It carry a difference feel compare to run around the housing area, but I found it hard to describe the differences. May be it’s due to some one is running along (in front or behind of you) towards the same direction, or may be it’s just the feeling of running on an unfamiliar ground.

It’s felt really good to have some one pacing you (whether you know that person or not). I had that good times often in MPSJ track which some of the runners are really good and consistent. Pacing with them (just follow behind them lah, I am not very sociable person, I don’t know any of them) give me extra boost on my speed and consistent pace. Often I did my extra long speed work by following other LSD for half an hour. I am not sure about the effect, and I am still a slow running to date. Once I completed the track part, I will run alone in the housing area. I had difficulty to keep my pace then. The Hearth rate monitor do provide some indication on my speed, and I maintained at 140~150 BPM (which is my aerobic zone) for LSD.

Back to the Bukit Aman – Sri Hartamas LSD. At the first water station, I followed a pack of uncles/aunties who also leaving the water station. I am not really familiar with the second part of the course, so I wish to follow some experienced runners. How ever, they turned into Taman Duta at the Hockey Stadium. I confused a bit as I roughly recalled that we should turn into opposite direction to Sri Hartamas. But I still follow them as I need some one guide me (and perhaps pace me too). Later, ended up with running few challenging climbs and eventually I dropped out from them and go on my own and got myself loss again in Taman Duta. U-turned, ran back to the water station for some refill. The water felt extremely tasty after some dehydration run of 12km. After the water station, I venture into the double-hills route and back to Bukit Aman. Covered about 19km with some walking in 2:34 hours. May be I will run the course again myself. There will be not water station but I can get some refuel from the Petronas station at the end of the first 10km. There are many people running this route every weekend, I guess I can just pace with some one along the way.

After the first every 19km run, my foot felt like broken in the afternoon. Both knees felt painful and I could barely walk up the staircases. But after some stretching and strengthening exercise this morning, the pain felt like it’s about to over and I am eagle for more. Guess my recovery power had improved or my body starting to adapt to the running regime.

Sorry on this blog only had my mumblings with minimum picture. I promise I will take some photo on coming Energizer Night Race. As long as I kept my phone power up, I will plenty of time to take photos. The race for 11km only start 8:15pm and I planned to reach Sepang F1 Circult before 6pm (avoid heavy traffic and parking issue).

Until next time.

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