Friday, April 22, 2011

New Balance 905

I started my running in cheap shoes (Admiral Shoes brought from Jusco @ RM75) and I got my NB1226 in October last year. After putting a nice 700km on it, I start looking for another pair as spare or replacement before it broken down completely. My NB1226 still in rather good shape, it only lost all its outsole grips on the “Ndurence” part (proven heels striking big time…).

In fact, after broken into this shoe, I kind of like its response on the forefoot and the support on the ankle and arch (which I love since my first trial on it). But it had two major short falls: Pricey and Heavy! It still cost RM400+ at New Balance boutique and marked as “New Arrival” without discount. Come on, this model released about a year now and will be replace in June 2011, still “New Arrival”!? It also weighted 360g each side, and I blame it on slowing me down… :P

It will be good if I try something lighter, and perhaps cheaper. With the poison I got from <Born to Run>, I also wish to try something flatter and closer to ground. Tried Brooks Shoes (good brand with nice 30% discount for PACM members) but it light weight racer don’t have 2E width. I felt just nice with the D width, and I know it will turn into a pain when I ran. My 4th toes on both of my foot often come underneath my middle toes and cause some blister. Even with Injinji socks, it will happen after long run. I don’t want to risk myself to open the blood-ly socks after each of my exhaustion runs. Looked into Adidas Adizero Mana5, but the outsole is very soft and make me concern on its durability.

Finally my hunt of new racer ended with NB905. Its still the lime-yellowish shoes (first released color), the new color is not available in Malaysia. Come with very long SureLace, and with 30% discount during sale, it only cost RM237.
Size, width
US 8, 2E
US 9, 2E
Height (Forefoot)
Height (Heel)

Tried it out on the 16/4 morning, for a short run before the Energizer Night Race. The first impression when I put on the shoes, it felt lighter and lower to the ground. And the arch support I love in NB1226 is not there. After I ran for 1km, I felt a sharp pain from the bottom of my right foot. It may be the plantar fascia caught problem again. Since I tried to use more forefoot or midfoot strikes, I often experience the similar but much softer pain after my LSD at 8~12km point. But this sharp one come with just 1km ran, may be due to the lacking of arch support (as I used to get plenty from NB1226). I do notice that during my transition from heel strikes to forefoot strike, my right foot doesn’t get much feeling, response or hard time like my left foot. I always have the perception that my left foot is more flexible to my right, but the right foot doing better this round!? Now I look back, I may not really make any change on my right foot strike yet, and it’s still weak and needed the extra arch support.
TSS Support

I used it for yesterday morning workout too, 30 minutes of tempo run. The similar pain returned just about the same distant it covered, but this round it’s softer and bearable. I pushed on to complete the total 6+km as per plan, and the pain vanished around the 3rd km. After the workout, when I reached home and took off the shoes, I couldn’t stand on my right foot (and completely rest on my left foot) for about 5 minutes. The sharp pain came back! But it totally gone after that, and I can walk and stand as normal. I have no idea what really happened. The temporary remedy I have will be performing more strengthening exercise, to the core and plantar fascia. All my long run will stick to NB1226 until I am comfortable with NB905. Only once or twice a week in the weekdays’ workouts will be running in NB905.

It’s only a few KM in NB905, and its hard to conclude whether I got the wrong shoes or not. I will update this post from time to time for my progress to break into this shoe.

Update 29/4/11:
Completed 3rd run today on the NB905. Its feel great! The strange feeling still observed as the foot is constantly adjusting itself to the new surface. Anyway, the strange feeling didn't turn into pain on my plantar fascia. Guess the strengthening training helped! The great difference between wearing the 1226 and 905 will be the heels height, I felt like I am running with some flat shoes. Planned to put more mileages into this shoes, may be 2 weekdays' runs every week (8~10km per week) will be fine. Hope to train it up to handle the coming half marathon in June, 58 days to go!

Update 9/5/11:
Completed 4 more workout with NB905. The switching between NB1226-NB905 gave some variety to the run. So far, I only completed 7km the most in each ran with NB905. The feeling like your feet are "Less Protected" from NB905 help to kept my running gaits in good shape, and I will try it for the coming Saturday long run (tentatively ~15km). I will do another 21km Bukit Aman - Sri Hartamas solo LSD this Sunday, then will be resting and tapering time for the 22/5 Kuala Kangsar 14km race. Should have no problem to complete it by 1:30 (the qualifying timing), but the main challenge will be the NB905. With the raising of adrenalin during race and in NB905, I may push myself too fast too soon, and burn out towards the end. Another 13 days to the race.

Update 13/6/11:
So far, I had spent 2 months with this shoe and I am getting used to the lesser support (comparatively with NB1226). I didn’t manage to use it in the Kuala Kangsar 14km, I am sick the week before the race, so I played safe. NB1226 still used for the PACM 15km race, this is mainly because I wished to retire it faster. I am now spending most of the time with NB905, even during the weekend LSD and yesterday adventure to peak the Bukit Kledang. I will use it too in my first half marathon in 12 days time.

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