Friday, April 1, 2011

Running, own performance analysis

Lately the weather has been changing. In the morning, some time its rain and some time its look like going to but is only a test on your wills on running. I skipped some weekdays training in March mainly due to raining. As long as its clear, I ran, even it means a straight 3 days workouts from Friday (~5km) to Sunday (normal Saturday + Sunday LSD, 11~14km).

I felt so good about myself after all the running, and my forefoot/midfoot strikes working fine although the knee pain are still there. I can’t imagine what going to happen (will I got injured?) if I continued on heel strikes running form. Anyway, after 10~11km my foot felt tired and aching (possible the plantar fascia area), and it vanished with some rest. I guess I need to do more core strengthening training.

In March, I ran total of 130km with 1 race (Bareno 2011, 10km). Below some comparison to my pass 3 months running data (from my Sports Tracker, from top to bottom, January to March).
Feb ran lots more but slower. Btw, while I recheck the stride length by the steps rate and distances covered, the Feb have longer stride length. By running more, my heel striking problem get worst and that’s could be the main reason on my knees’ sharp pain towards the end Feb.
Mar ran less with slightly faster, and higher steps rate. I am striking 171 steps/min compare to my 160 steps/min. The other significant change was the stride length, its reduced 7%. The knees’ pain didn’t get worst even with the extra 10 steps per minutes I ran. Guess the change of my running gaits helped. With the new running gaits, more Core strengthen training required.

I am confident with my running form now. Next step will be to increase my speed by higher steps rate, target will be 180 steps/min by maintaining the stride length.

Next race will be only 15 days away: Energizer Night Race 2011.
My preparation for it, so far so good. The final boost of this race preparation will be on the PACM LSD organized 10/4, I planned to complete the 20km for the LSD and I promise I will be on time this round. The target of this race will be completing the 11km with 54 minutes. It may seem too ambitious, but I think this is achievable. Sepang F1 race circuit is FLAT course, as long as I able to get a good starting position (may be 10% from the starting line) to avoid the potential jammed start, I have confident to achieve this.

Wish me luck!

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