Thursday, April 28, 2011

My 1st half marathon distant

Previously, I did 2 times on the PACM LSD from Bukit Aman to Sri Hartamas, both ended up else way instead of the Petronas Station in Sri Hartamas. Last Sunday 24/4, I plan to run this route again all by myself. Fewer runners expected on this route, there are two races on this date (Bidor Half Marathon and Kinara Metta Run). I did my LSD for 2 hours with 14km on the Saturday, I don’t think I can run very fast. So I planned to arrive in Bukit Aman @ 6:30am and target to complete the route by 3 hours. Anyway, as usual, I was late @@, only reach the car park around 7:10am. Quick warmed up and start my trip around 7:20am.

I followed the previous route all the way to Jalan Duta. Surprisingly there are still some runners using this route. I actually tried to pace with a couple who started together, until reached Bukit Tunku when the lady is slowed down. I logged a decent pace of 9.3km/hr for this 5km stretch. Cross the Jalan Duta via the underpass traffic light junction near Perhentian Duta and continue my run alone towards Sri Hartamas. There are plenty construction site with heavy traffic in and out. I think on my way back it will be kind of dusty.

I entered Sri Hartamas area and one runner passed me in the underpass near the Duta toll. He kept running and I remembered I saw him from far, which he turned right on the traffic light at the Hartamas Shopping Centre. So when I reached the junction, I followed, and ended up running inside the inner road in the shopping complex. What a great experience! I saw there is a 7 Eleven, I figured if I can’t find the Petronas Station, I will need to get some replenishment from here. The 500ml Gatorade bottle I carried is about to finished, and I will need to have some snack to replenish my energy. Come out from the shopping complex, I continue the straight road all the way to the half point destination: the Petronas Station! What a great relief when I saw the green logo, and the time is already approaching 8:40am, I would not able to reach Bukit Aman before 10am.

I brought a new bottle of Gatorade and a beard to fill my stomach before it get hungry. Have some food in the mid way of long workout distant really help! I felt energized and heading back to Bukit Aman direction. I basically took the same way back, but only detoured to cross the Jalan Duta at the mid of the road (which normally used by other runners). I felt this is really an unsafe location to cross the road. The traffic is non stop flowing from the highway! I also decided not to take the double hills challenge, told myself I just need to head back via the same route… cause not much energy left, and my foot start to gave some mumbling (pain) from time to time.

Finally, reached my car few minutes before 10am! And I completed my 1st half marathon distant!

Throughout the run, I kept my steps rate around 170 steps/min and kept a decent pace. But the overall speed is slow, I think I need more tempo run and speed work to improve this. I started to push myself on 4km tempo run this week. I hope to kept the pace at 6min/km or 10km/hr in coming race. More training required :)

Btw, the legs (hamstrings area) and knees are very painful and tired after the long ran. Things get better after my weekday's run on Tuesday; I guess that is why people need to have recovery run after really hard workout like marathon...

PACM New Balance 15km will be held in Putrajaya this year on 5/6/11. Registration is now opened.
See you there!

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