Friday, April 8, 2011

Random update, Weekend plan and Brooks Green Silence

Last week, it has been a whole week of good weather for me to adhere to my training plan. I had been sticking on my 30+km per week plan. But I need to hold on before I add on the mileage as next Saturday will be the Energizer Night Race. I aim to improve my time to 54 minutes. Anyway, as PACM organized the Long Slow Distant this weekend, I will try my first 20km run on Sunday. So far, I only did few times of 14~15km run and all of these are jammed up with some speed works in MPSJ track. I belief for pure LSD, I should be able to complete the whole 20km without too much of stress. Refer here for the running route in DailyMile. Join us if you are free this Sunday.

I was sick since Monday, flu plus some headache. I think I overstressed myself over the weekend. The QingMeng, driving back to Ipoh, LSD and not enough rest are certainly jamming me up. Anyway, I still stick to my weekdays plan, ran on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Now I can tell that feeling on running workout when you are sick. It’s fun and enjoyable as usual, but the after effects are dreadful. I felt sleepy and lost focus the whole day. Headache and body-ache stayed even after taken the paracetamol. Btw, I didn’t push too hard and all ran are at ease pace. I am still recovering from the flu, tomorrow will be another ease run (may be 10km). I think I need to save some fuel for the Sunday 20km LSD. I am not worried about the 11km race, and the weekdays plan for next week will be continued (4~5km on Tuesday to Thursday). And after the Saturday race, I will pump in more mileage to 40+km per week and 50+km per week (after the 14km race at Kuala Kangsar in May) to prepare my coming half marathon in June.

I am sourcing my next pair of running shoes. I planned to wait for the New Balance MT10 but can’t stop myself to blog-walking for other similar shoes. I found this <Brooks Green Silence> on famous runner/photographer Jamie Pang’s blog. Also I read the review on Runblogger Pete. I want to have a try on the shoes. Headed to The Curve today on lunch time and bring along my Injiji toes socks for fitting too. At the Brooks boutique, measured my feet size and tried the US9 and US10. I would say the fit is pretty comfortable, but I need more room on my toes box. The shoes only offered a standard D width, and I feel just nice on my little toe at size US9. My right foot’s forth toe are keep go under my middle toe even in my NB1226 2E width plus the Injiji toes sock. I think it will be disaster to my toes if I ran on this fitting. The size US10 is just too long for my leg, but only offered limited extra space for my toes. In this case, even with the 30% discount for PACM member, I will have to turn down the offer, and walked out the boutique empty-handed plus disappointment. Saw some good review on the Brooks Launch and the sale lady do ask me to have a look on it too. As I need to rush back to office, I shall return with some other time to try it out.

Until next time.

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