Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend LSD

Thanks God for the good weather over the weekend. I manage to run 14km and 12km respectively on my schedule Long Slow Distant (LSD). Btw, these are not really LSD although the speed does qualify for it. I start all my weekend by jogging slowly to the MPSJ track from my home. Then follow by 30 minutes speed work (2.5 minutes per lap of 400m for 12 laps, kind of beginner level of speed work), and start to round the USJ5 and other housing area until 9am. I used to drive to MPSJ track, but I stop that after my car start to smell too much of my sweat. After all, I am suppose to have my long jogging out there, the additional 1.5km slow jogging as warm up is no big deal.

My hearth rate sustained at 140~150BPM on the LSD sessions after the speed work. It’s contributed to my loss weight program too. I ate hell lots more over the weekend and normal lunch, but my weight is dropping. But I figured that I will need to add in some control later when the dropping rate slow down, I should start to control now. Eat good breakfast, normal lunch, light dinner (as my wife cooked, this is the tough one, I promised to clear the table if she cook) and no junk food. I also faced some dehydration problem after each weekends’ LSD. I need to consistently remind myself to drink 500~1000ml of water every hour thru out the weekend to avoid the headache syndrome from mild dehydration.

I also worked on the running gait. Surprisingly my forefeet strike is working fine even in my NB1226. From the study of the shoes’ outsole, I am obviously heels striking previously. All marking on the “NDurance” markings on both side are gone. And now I am working on the Blue color part of the outsole. I begin to belief that the “proper form of running doesn’t come with the type of shoes.” Although some minimalist shoes do help to promote your leg for the proper running form, but you don’t necessary need those to practice a good running form.

After both long runs, my knees don’t feel the sharp pain. I only felt tiredness on my crafts and Achilles. The knees still felt some pain, but I think it’s due to the previous damage as I didn’t totally stop my running for it to recover fully. As the current NB1226 had gone thru 500km, I am actively looking for replacement and plan to get one before 800km. After looking around for comment and with the poison from Born To Run, I think I will wait until New Balance role out the MT10 in their Malaysia store or Singapore store. I don’t think I am in the position to try the VFF or go real barefoot. My feet still need lots of strength training to cover more mileages for my coming half marathon in June, and it will be a race in my NB1226. Anyway, the searching will be on-going.

Other note, I finally brought my Garmin Forerunner 405CX thru my brother in Singapore for SGD499. The unit still in Singapore and I will only have access to it until May (may be can use it during the 14km Kuala Kangsar race). I will post my review after I got it (although it’s a post model).

Until next time.

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