Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bareno 10km preparation, Heels Striking and pain…

The raining session seem to have started now. Its rains in most of the evening, night and some time until dawn. This is affecting my training plan. I made a 155km total mileage in February (short months but I ran a lots), and I think I will be too tired for my Bareno 10KM if I keep pushing on. The rain gave me some reason to slow down, so in March, so far I only did 30km. And I only planned to add another 10km until my Sunday race.

On the other hand, I feel some persisted pain on my left knee. The pain started after I ran my first 15km on training back in 20 Feb. It’s vanished after the come Monday rest, but returned after my 14km run on Saturday. Could it be the cement trail at the playground? Or the mileage I am pushing thru? Or the supports underneath the shoes are dying as I had put 400+km on it? I didn’t know. This is the pain that slightly difference compares to my previous pain on my right inner knee, and overused syndrome and stretched the patella tendon. I browsed the internet for potential answers, and on the same time, I had my audio book version of “Born to Run” (Christopher McDougall). I start wondering if my pain is actually started from my running gait.
I am a big time heels striking runner, especially when I exhausted. I must be kicking too much on my heels when I am doing my 15km training. I have to agree that the cushioning in the running shoes is a big helps after a hard workout to exhaustion. By landing on the shoes’ cushion thoroughly, its feel really good when you push your entire heels into the cushioning. After the exhaustion point and the body turned into enduring mood, I have high tendency to repeat heavy steps and purposely landing on my heels to feel the push from the ground to continue moving forward.

As I am aware of the potential mistake I made, I starting to work on my gait. On the last Saturday & Sunday, I ran with 80+% on my forefoot and covered about 17km. You need to belief it’s very difficult to use forefoot strike in NB1226. Every step you take, the heel is right between the ground and your forefoot. I feel like running by dipping my toes, and it’s put a blister on my left toe after the first 10km on the first day and some part of my body that never pain before due to running, started to ache (hamstring, lower back, gluteus & the usual calf is more painful then usual). Anyway, those pains soon gone after some rest. The second run was great; after the run, I don’t feel the pains like day 1. However, the knee pain is still persisted, but it does seem to getting better now.

Until today, the knee pain is getting better. I am not sure if the rest or the changing of gait playing a more significant role in this recovery. I will maintenance my rate, until the Bareno run on Sunday, and give it my best.

I got the poison too, from the book “Born to Run”. Exploring barefoot running and the minimalist running, but I guess I will still need a shoe to running with. VFF? Saucony Kinvara? Saucony Grid Type A4? Brooks Mach12? Nike Free Run? I don’t know. But one thing I am sure of, I have no money for any of them, not until April. I should park this problem some way, and focus on my coming race.

Until next time.

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