Monday, March 21, 2011

Moving on...

I felt much better after Saturday (12km) and Sunday (11km) LSD...
I didn't focus on my pace, which eventually turned into very slow (~8min/km) and my hearth rate maintained at 140~150 BPM. This give me a refreshing run and I didn't felt the post run exhaustion. It's also left some gap for me to rethink the current situation that I am trapped with.

I think I need to do better than what I am doing now. I didn't put in much effort since day 1, so I am not in the position to blame other for this. All I need now is Focus, Endurance and Talent. And all these are part of the lesson we learned from running. If I can stay focus, endure the situation and repeat it until I finally reaching the goal, I belief I will eventually find my passion (talent) on this.

How to cover a long distant like a 42km Marathon?
Keep yourself focused, and move on. Step by step!

Other matters:
Over the weekend, attended the AGM for PACM.
I getting a good feeling with the club and think the exco are doing their best for the club and its members.

Registered the 22 May 14km Larian Hari Keputeraan Sultan Azlan Shah 2011 @ Kuala Kangsar, and planned for the early June PACM 15km. These two races should be a good preparation and warming up for my 1st Half Marathon in 26 June.

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