Friday, March 18, 2011


The week had been filled with stress and depression. I am still very fine with my running plan, and I guess all these feeling are works related.

I am literally hitting the wall at my works now.
I am going no way with my job and I have no idea how to overcome this situation.
I lost focus.

The one lucky thing I do have, I am running now.
It’s hard to imagine what will going to happen if I am the same old me back in mid last year. I may just walk to the dead end and God knows what is going to happen then. With running, I still able to prove to myself there are still triumphs and success in my life. I loss total of 4kg and moved 1 buckle’s hole backward from my waist belt (waist size should be around 32~33” now). And I just completed Bareno 10km by ~26 minutes less from previous race on the same course.

Now, I found it difficult to seat inside the office, knowing that my job is going to no way and all the deadlines are catching up. Seriously looking forward to weekend, which will be my long run days. Looking forward the 2 hours, with me alone meditate the situation I am stucked in now. If I still have no solutions for the problem after the 2 hours run, properly I need to run more or I will not going to have any.

I still belief life is full of opportunities and there is never ran out of choices. I will run into other venture, if there is really no way out from my works.

Good luck.

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