Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Earth Hour(s)

Is again the time of the year – Earth Hour.
I walked into the office this morning just to catch up with the Take5 session on Earth Hour. The theme for this year is: “Go Beyond the Hour”, which answered most of the criticism on this initiative. The presenter asked us to write down the 1 thing that we going to do “beyond the 1 hour” and place it on the wall.

Coincidently, while I am driving to the office, some very interesting thought crossed my mind. I hated the traffic jam every morning. It take like 30 minutes for that 8km on the infamous Federal Highway, and the fuel are just wasted to keep the car engine turning in most of the journey. Why don’t I just run to my office every morning? It’s just 11km in total. With my normal 9km/hour pace, it will only take less than 75 minutes. It can replace my weekday morning run, start from my home at about 6~6:10am (and you will not late to work anymore).

Some of the other concerns seem to be resolved (or soon) too:
Q: How about coming back home after work?
A: Wife office is only less than 1km away, else by all means you can still run back home.
Q: Need to fetch SY to babysitter place before heading to work.
A: SY will start his playschool in May; wife should be able to handle both YY and SY to school at once.
Q: My capability to run? Am I fit enough for this?
A: After few months of training and few races, I belief the distant is no longer an issue, unless I am doing it for daily basis.

So the thought in my mind matched the theme perfectly and I know very well that I can do something “Beyond the Hour”. To start on the safe side, I only put in my note for:
“Running to work (office) once a week.”

Guess I can start doing this as part of my training plan in May, for the preparation of the 21km in KL Marathon. The only problem left now, is where to find a shower place near office after my run…

If you too want to support the Earth Hour initiative, please visit:

Updated 9pm : after checking with wife, she comment that the road condition is too hazardous to run on, banned my idea... :(

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