Monday, March 14, 2011

Bareno Run 2011 Race report

The event had been upgraded to a half marathon, so, I only took part on the sub-category – 10KM. The race starting time is kind of early 6:30am for the 10KM and 5:30am for the 21KM.

Heard that the event is full, so a big crowd is anticipated. I planned to arrive early to avoid parking issue. Wake up around 4:45am, and left the home on 5:15am, reach the Stadium around 5:35am. Change my shoes, use the toilet and warming up by jogging few rounds in the VVIP parking area (no car mah), and its time to move to the starting line.

The starting line is located at the back of the stadium; we are taking the inner road behind the Stadium Bukit Jalil to Stadium Putra then heading out to the Puchong-Technology park highway. The race flagged off on time (6:32am), although there are not gun/hon /siren to indicate the start, all runners just start when the people in front moved……

Many people in the 10k too, we had a slow and jammed start up. The crowd only eased when we finally reached the highway (about 1km mark). Then it was the usual running in the Sunday morning. I slowed down in both water stations for some water, to keep myself refreshed for the 9~10km/hr average speed. This is actually about my training pace, so I better keep myself from dehydration. When we complete the highway round and venture into the resident area, we joined the 21KM runners who started on 5:30am. Those runners are amazing and still running strong. I admire one day I will be the same strong runner like them.

Finally, after an hour of hard work, arrived at the finish line. Btw, there is a long queue on the F category??? Are we run too fast and those FTAAA officers can’t cope? Don’t have this problem on the CICM 10km back in Nov, guess that time I am very slow so the queue in finish line get cleared before I completed the race :P

Time: 1:04’25” (318th)
Hopefully I can go below 1 hour on my next 10km (11km) in Energizer Night Race.

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